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It’s all well and good being able to pull off a sharpshooting headshot in Apex Legends, and it’s great that you know how to drift like a pro on Forza. But for a real test of your skills, you should get involved with a bit of Sudoku. And that is where Word Sudoku by POWGI on Xbox One comes in. 

Available to purchase and download this very minute, Word Sudoku by POWGI is a cheap, cheerful, rather relaxing affair that will ensure that you give your mental capacity a bit of a test. And honestly, in the times we are currently living, that’s something we should all be doing. 

Priced at just £6.69, Word Sudoku by POWGI pretty much does as the name suggests – it’s Sudoku with words. Purchasing this will see you given access to no less than 300 of the very best Word Sudokus as you attempt to place letters in grids in order to spell words. 

And if letters scare you, there’s always the opportunity to head back to the usual numbers. 

Word Sudoku by POWGI comes complete with a variety of difficulty levels, graded between beginner to expert stages, and so there should be enough of a test no matter what your skill levels. 

If you wish to take in a slightly different gaming experience and reckon that Word Sudoku by POWGI is for you, get over to the Xbox Store immediately. And keep an eye out for our full review if you wish to know more. We’ll have some thoughts for you soon. 

Game Description:

It’s Sudoku with words! Place letters in the grid according to normal Sudoku rules and one row or column will spell the word. Of course, you can switch back to number mode if you prefer. Word Sudoku by POWGI includes 300 unique and beautifully symmetrical Word Sudoku puzzles, graded for difficulty from beginner to expert.

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