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For many there is only one football game worth worrying about, but putting the might of EA and their FIFA series to one side means others get an opportunity to sign. Games like eFootball/PES for example. Or maybe the fun, quirky little World Soccer Strikers ’91. Maybe. 

World Soccer Strikers ’91 comes to an Xbox market that is dominated by the big guns, but this little indie title from Meteorbyte Studios is looking to deliver a different take on our beautiful game. In fact, it’s looking to harness the power of the 1990s, a time when football was glorious, when Gazza was at the top of his game, and pretty much anything went. Oh, and when arcade soccer was at its finest. 

Running a price point of just £4.19, World Soccer Strikers ’91 is a Chris Waddle penalty away from what we have come to love and expect of the football gaming scene, capable of doing away with the need for utter simulation and detail to instead play on the fun frolics of a sport from yesteryear. 

It promises to provide frantic flowing football, one in which physics based gameplay is at the fore. This will mean that the magnetic dribbling which fast turns over titles to nothing but frustration is done away with, with you needing to consider every touch, pass and shot delicately. Thankfully, rules don’t seem to apply to World Soccer Strikers ’91 and no matter what you do, the ball cannot go out of bounds – think of the finest 5-aside games you’ve ever played and you’ll be close. 

For many, that utter lack of realism could well be the undoing of World Soccer Strikers ’91, but for others – those who like fantasy team names and the chance to run out onto the pitch with a group of mates – it could well delight. Various game modes will help too, as do co-op options and local multiplayer match-ups.

Take World Soccer Strikers ’91 for what it is – a fun arcade football game with a stupidly low asking price – and there could well be space for it in a market that is dominated by FIFA and eFootball. We’ll be sure to find out whether it is worthy of a match when our full review of World Soccer Strikers ’91 on Xbox takes to the pitch. 

In the meantime, stick on your shinpads and lace up your boots by heading to the Xbox Store and grabbing a download. 

Game Description:

WSS’91 is a physics-based, retro-style “soccer” game. No magnetic feet is what makes WSS91 different. You cannot depend on the game’s engine doing everything for you. You’ll have to aim, dribble and shoot all by yourself! (We have included different difficulty levels in case you are just not good enough) Physics Based Gameplay: Aim and shoot carefully, but don’t worry, the ball can’t go out of bounds! You can tackle and dribble your enemies, but take care of your stamina! Play with up to 7 friends: Play all by yourself or with a bunch of friends on multiplayer! Different Game Modes: Win leagues and tournament to unlock new teams, or just play a kick-off game if you want to practice. Play with your favorite teams Aren’t you Occasionally United’s biggest hooligan, or Outer Milan’s most renown tifosi? Discover all the teams in WSS’ 91!

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