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Looking to hit your WWE guys with some new moves? Probably time to check out the latest content pack for WWE 2K15.

Available now on Xbox One and Xbox 360, the snazzily titled ‘New Moves’ pack gives you the chance to add over 30 equally snazzily named new moves to your fighters arsenal.

£3.19 is a seemingly paltry sum to pay for such power and the full list of moves is as follows:

  • Backslide Driver
  • Bridging Package Powerbomb
  • Calf Killer
  • Chicken Wing Gutbuster
  • Cravate Suplex
  • Cross-Legged Fisherman Buster
  • Crunchy
  • Discus Big Boot
  • Electric Chair/German Suplex Combo
  • End of Days
  • Figure-Four Headscissor
  • Fireman’s Carry Neckbreaker
  • Fireman’s Carry Overhead Kick
  • Gutwrench Suplex Combo
  • Handspring Cutter
  • Hart Attack
  • Knee Drop Brainbuster
  • Kudo Driver
  • Lumbar Check
  • More Bang
  • New Generation Combo
  • Northern Lights Brainbuster
  • Package Piledriver/Brainbuster Combo
  • Rack Attack
  • Rear Naked Choke
  • Running Knee Smash
  • Sister Abigail 3
  • Somersault Cutter
  • Spike Piledriver 2
  • Spike Tombstone Piledriver
  • Spinning Powerbomb
  • Straight Jacket German Suplex
  • Strong Style Knee Strike
  • Tequila Sunrise
  • Uso Crazy

DLC Description:

Gain access to over 30 new moves to add to your arsenal with the WWE 2K15 New Moves Pack add-on! Perform exciting new moves like Uso Crazy and the Spinning Powerbomb, as well as variations of Bray Wyatt’s Sister Abigail and Cesaro’s Gutwrench Suplex.

You know where to move to..that’s right, get over to the Xbox Games Store right now.

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