The console wars with other competitors have pushed the computer giant’s research and development (R&D) to new heights. The latest milestone is Microsoft’s fourth-generation console: the Xbox Series X. For a long time, Microsoft focused on the quality of hardware and games. Today, there’s a notable shift in the company’s marketing approach. After years working on turning “Xbox” into a digital ecosystem, the vision has finally started taking shape. 

The digital game library now works across everything, including mobile. Gamers can finally enjoy the coolest Xbox games on their smartphones. But is Xbox not a bit late to the game?

Game Pass: Xbox Catches Up with Gaming Trends

Source: Pexels

For most gamers in the UK, the smartphone is now the device of choice. This all-important device has become crucial for accessing virtually every service in modern life. Whether you want to shop, listen to music, learn, research or watch sports, your smartphone has virtually everything you need. With the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Xbox gamers can finally play their favourite games on Android devices. Games such as Minecraft Dungeons, Destiny 2 and Yakuza Kiwami 2 will now be available on-demand on Android OS. Over 150 games have been confirmed for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Cloud Gaming.

The innovation in console gaming has arguably, however, been inspired by existing mobile gaming avenues. The global mobile gaming revenues are expected to hit $56.6bn in revenue by 2024. This boom in the industry spawned other developments such as casino game streaming and mobile betting: gamers have been able to pick up slots and table games online, including those operating through live streaming, for some time already now. Still, gamers want action on the go, and the arrival of Xbox games on smartphones is one more milestone in this arena.

A Digital Ecosystem Keeps Players Loyal

The ability to play console-quality games on mobile phones is a dream come true for many smartphone gamers who would like to enjoy the best of both worlds. The Pass finally brings console-quality games to mobile and it’s bound to turn into one of the greatest gaming trends.

Xbox has of course been quite clever about the move, though. To get started, here’s what you need:

  1. An Xbox One console enrolled in an Xbox One Update Preview ring.
  2. Microsoft account with an Xbox profile
  3. An Android device with Android 6.0 (or higher) and Bluetooth 4.0 (or higher).
  4. A Bluetooth Xbox One Controller
  5. High-speed data connection

In other words, they want to ensure gamers still purchase their consoles and don’t simply switch to mobile. Of course, for the hard-core fans, that would be an unlikely move – quality can only reach such levels when playing on the limited screen size of a mobile device.

Wrapping Up

Microsoft has invested heavily in its Xbox digital ecosystem to increase their games’ impact on the market. By finally making these games available for mobile, the company has finally joined the wider trend for gaming on the go. That’s great news for gamers who always wanted to enjoy Xbox games in this way, but most importantly hard-core gamers can rest assured that their desire for high-quality console games will not go unsatisfied.