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September 20, 2017

SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell Review

Whilst games like Sonic have been asking us to complete excessively difficult stages in the fastest time possible for many years now, it’s only recently that we’ve become accustomed to the term ‘speedrunning’. Nowadays you see, speedrunning is a well-known genre of its own and has a near cult following within the world of gaming. With most games on the market providing an opportunity for the speedrunning community to claim the title of fastest completion, there’s no surprise that we’re starting to see games designed specifically to put those clever speedrunners’ skills to the test. That’s where SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell comes in.
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September 20, 2017

Dead Alliance Review

There are so many games releasing each and every month that it’s only expected some are going to call out to player's interests more than others. For me, Dead Alliance was one of those games.
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September 20, 2017

Destiny 2 Review

As those of you who have read my previous ramblings may well be aware, I was a big fan of the original Destiny game, sinking more hours into the game than I care to think about. I was expecting big things from the sequel, the imaginatively named Destiny 2, especially having been whipped into a frenzy by the beta and Bungie’s carefully staged reveals. Having now spent 3 days, 1 hour and 16 minutes in the game in the last two weeks (a stat that is still beaten by 20 people on my friends list), I feel that I am more than qualified to drop some thoughts on this new game. So come with me into a world of Vex, Cabal and big guns!
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September 20, 2017

Morphite Review

When NASA initially started considering the first manned missions to the Mars, they had to look at all the possibilities and probabilities; how would man survive for a length of time in space? They took into account the water and food supply, whilst worried over the disintegration of the body and muscles. But the one thing they were really worried about was… boredom. That’s what new space explorer Morphite has to try an address as well, because this explorer sees a lot of jumping between solar systems to be had. It does however mix it with some exciting gameplay. But is that enough to keep the monotony of space travel far away?
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September 18, 2017

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Review

The gap between them and EA, and their PES series to the rival FIFA offering, has diminished, with the last couple of iterations providing the most testing challenge yet to EA’s crown. Now though Konami are back with PES 2018, and they are promising more new features than any game in the last decade. Have they included enough to finally be able to take the winner’s medal over FIFA?
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September 18, 2017

Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two – Episode Two “Giant Consequences” Review

After an impressive opener for the second season of Minecraft: Story Mode, there’s no doubt that even someone like myself – who isn’t overly interested in the game world it’s based upon – can be excited to see where the adventure takes us next, just as much as a Minecraft fanatic. Episode Two, “Giant Consequences”, is here to follow the repercussions of Jesse’s actions, but will it prove to be another successful outing from Telltale Games?
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September 18, 2017

Baja: Edge of Control HD Review

Off-roading is an expensive hobby. As someone who has spent the best part of 2017 throwing money into my own off-road truck in preparation for the monthly events that roll round in the UK, I have often been left stunned at the price I’m made to pay for misjudging what looks like a simple hill, only to suffer a broken differential or a snapped axle at the hands of an unseen drop on the other side. And that’s just at the casual entry level. Professional and competitive off-roading on the other hand is something way more extreme, and one of the highest pinnacles of professional off-roading comes in the form of the yearly Baja 1000 endurance race that takes place in Mexico’s Baja [...]
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September 18, 2017

Redout: Lightspeed Edition Review

Recently I got the chance to get stuck in with Redout, the latest racer to hit the Xbox Store, and a game looking to bring futuristic visuals and fast-paced anti-gravity racing to our screens once more. Could it be the next Wipeout?
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September 18, 2017

Jettomero: Hero of the Universe Review

I know there are lots of problems in the world at this moment in time, but at least we’re not facing my three biggest fears - an alien invasion where we’re all captured and paraded around naked in petting zoos on the moon, fish taking over London, or the invasion of giant robots which are all set to kill us. However the third one is the basis of a new game, Jettomero - but this giant robot isn’t trying to kill us intentionally, he’s trying to save all of human kind.
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September 18, 2017

Rock of Ages II: Bigger & Boulder Review

Are you ready to rock? Welcome to Rock of Ages II: Bigger & Boulder! This is a sequel to the historically accurate military bowling game that rolled out in 2011, where we followed the tale of Sisyphus using his boulder to fight his way out of hell. I think. The jury is still out on whether or not that was just a daydream while he was on a break.
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