Just as a week long discount hits the game on Steam, news comes about that the cooperative puzzler, 39 Days to Mars, will soon be arriving on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Due to release on the two consoles at some point in early 2019, 39 Days to Mars is a solo or 2 player adventure that is set some 150 years into the past, where an alternate reality has taken hold. Your task? That of piloting the HMS Fearful – a masterpiece of unreliable engineering – on its maiden voyage to Mars.

Currently available on PC and Mac – with a week long discount taking place – 39 Days to Mars will see you working as one with a friend to take on a series of puzzles and action sequences in order to rock up onto Mars in one piece. Can you do it in less than 39 days? Interstellar transportation back in the 19th century is no walk in the park and so it won’t be easy.

Additionally, you’ll also find that the Victorian Adventures content update that released earlier this year on PC will also be included as part of the console versions at release.

Created by a one person indie studio, we’ve got high hopes for 39 Days to Mars, especially when you consider the narrative and visuals that are shown off in the trailer below. Do yourself a favour and give it a little watch right now.

As soon as that cemented release date is known, we’ll bring you it!


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