farm together sugarcane pack

We’ve previously seen new content drop onto Farm Together on Xbox One to provide the opportunity for us to live out out Viking, Chinese, Medieval and Mexican fantasies, but today two new DLC packs have arrived for the game, and this time round it’s all about getting down with the Romans, and embracing the Pirate life.

Available to purchase and download into Farm Together on Xbox One right now are the Sugarcane and Laurel Packs. Priced up at £3.29 each, this follow on from the Jalapeno and Wasabi additions, and the Chickpea and Mistletoe inclusions to bring more costumes, decorations and farm items to enjoy.

The Sugarcane Pack covers the Pirate life, with you given the chance to add cannons to your farming landscape, whilst kitting yourself out with a pirate hat and eye-patch (no doubt a parrot will rock up at some point too), prior to sticking a treasure map up on your house wall will never get old.

This is joined by that of the Laurel Pack. Again priced up at £3.29, the Laurel Pack delivers a bit of Roman grandeur to Farm Together on Xbox One, utterly changing the way your buildings look with vases, new windows and more bringing the immersion. Roman roads can also be added to your game, along with the chance to grow Laurel and Chive.

Are these game changing additions that are a must-have part of life on the farm? Well no, but any new add-on for the brilliant Farm Together on Xbox One is a welcome addition in our book. When you take into account that relatively low asking price for each of the Sugarcane and Laurel packs, then it’s easy to find reason to get them added and enjoy what they bring.

Of course you’ll need the base game in place prior to being given the chance to get a purchase of these rolling, but if you like games which will let you kick back and relax for hours on end, then this is a game for you. Just head on over to the Xbox Store on the links provided up top and add the Roman and Pirate themes to your game.

farm together laurel pack


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