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It was back in July 2018 that we first heard wind of an Enhanced Edition of Redeemer, but after many a delay, it is now one year later that we see the game finally arrive on Xbox One. Are you ready for the brutal combat that it promises?

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Redeemer: Enhanced Edition puts you in the shoes of Vasily, a rough and ready, hard as nails Russian ex-security officer, who just loves to follow the orders of his boss. Blackmail, torture, threatening tactics and killing are all the order of the day for Vasily and by utilising a combination of mechanics – mainly stealth, exploration and combat – you’ll find yourself dispatching waves of foes by any means possible.

First having released on PC in 2017, this Enhanced Edition comes with a slew of new content, including the promise of a local 2-player cooperative mode, and the amendment and balancing of a variety of abilities. With the opportunity in place to utilise all manner of weaponry – harnessing the power of the environment should you so wish – expect to see death, death, and more death as you and Vasily go on a bit of a redeeming killing spree.

“It was a really long journey. We’ve done a huge job and can’t wait for the upcoming release of the Redeemer: Enhanced Edition,” – said Dimitry Kachkov, Sobaka Studio CEO. “We literally feel the future excitement of a new players when they will launch the game on the consoles all around the world – that’s like the whole new planet is about to be born in the open space of the game industry!”

“Redeemer: Enhanced Edition is the first game Buka Entertainment is publishing on video game consoles. This is a very important milestone for both us and Sobaka Studio team as from this day on players can enjoy our title worldwide on any modern video game platform available. And thanks to our partners from Koch Media, it’s not only digital but also a disc edition!” said Artyom Studenikin, Buka Entertainment PR Manager.

Key-Features of the Enhanced Edition of Redeemer include:

  • Intense top-down action: Take out enemies using a wide selection of fire arms and melee weapons including combat knives, batons, fire axes, hammers and many more. 
  • Unique kill system: Use three different types of kills to mercilessly eliminate enemies: sneak to stealth kills; use the environment to dispatch your opponents; utilize your combat prowess to beat down your opponents 
  • Brutal hand-to-hand combat: Take out enemies using a wide selection of fire arms and melee weapons including combat knives, batons, fire axes, hammers and many more. 
  • Disarm-or-dismember system: Use a unique combat move to either disarm enemies of their firearms, or dismember certain enemies at will and use their limbs as melee weapons. 
  • Parry System: Defend yourself whilst taking down your enemies by utilizing a well-timed block. Learn the movements and attack patterns of different enemy types to perfect your parry. 
  • Story driven single-player: Discover Vasily‘s haunted past and experience a narrative journey of betrayal and redemption. 
  • Co-op mode: Play with your friend in co-op mode on one console: Friendship is tempered in battle. 
  • Leveling: In-game leveling is based on a gradual battle skills improvement – character’s proficiency with a skill is increased through practice of different attacks: kicks, punches, light and heavy melee weapons or guns such as handgun, shotgun, submachine gun, assault rifle or plasma gun.
  • Perks system: You have 50 perks to improve the killing efficiency of Vasily. Expand his abilities after every victory. Use new incredible fighting perks – electro punches, dragon breath kicks, explosive plasma and flame bullets etc. 

Going to give Redeemer on Xbox One a shot? Our full review is in the works and will be with you soon, but should you already like what you are hearing then the Xbox Store will happily provide the relevant download. Hope on over there, pay up the £24.99 asking price and enjoy the brutally that unfolds.

Game Description:

Brutal, bloody beat-’em-up action without compromise. A true resurrection of this popular genre. Kill your enemies using the most unbelievable methods, study your opponents’ behavior, and forge your own path to victory with friends in co-op mode. The tough-as-nails Russian Vasily is a former security officer of the largest weapons company in the world. Under his bosses’ orders, he had to blackmail, threaten, torture, and even kill. But when Vasily decides to leave these dirty dealings behind and flee to an isolated monastery in the east, he becomes a wanted man.

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