With the upcoming weekly roster reveal for WWE 2K17 about to get underway, it’d be easy to predict a large portion of the Superstars and Legends that are a shoe-in to be announced in the next few weeks. And as I’ve already been over the five must have choices, albeit with a slightly low chance of inclusion, from a solo standpoint in wrestling, it’s now time to look at the tag teams that should be playable when the game hits the stores. Consider this more as a fan’s set of fantasy picks, ones that are possible to see coming true.

Let’s take a look at the 5 tag teams WWE 2K17 needs…

The Hardy Boyz

These guys make a splash wherever they are with their unique ideas and an attitude of giving everything in the ring for the fans. Brother Nero might have been recently ‘deleted’ by his maniacal sibling Matt, but what happens in one promotion doesn’t mean a thing to another. Could we see the Hardy Boyz making a comeback? I wouldn’t bet my house on it however, it’d be brilliant to have Matt and Jeff on the roster to recreate some TLC magic. Unlike many tag teams, they’d bring a large arsenal of solo moves as well as a handful of well known tag team signatures to the squared circle.

Even if left out of the on-disc roster, the Hardy name would sell any DLC they could be involved in single-handedly.


American Alpha

Why wouldn’t one of the hottest tag teams in the WWE right now not be included when WWE 2K17 releases? I really don’t know, especially when they are already making the transition to the SmackDown brand after an exciting spell in NXT. Jason Jordan and Chad Gable bring a forgotten style to the action with the former having a variation of moves that would be well suited to take an opponent to Suplex City. I sure hope to be serving up a Grand Amplitude in the near future. We’re ready, willing and Gable.

wweamerican alpha

World’s Greatest Tag Team

Amateur wrestlers, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, really hit the ground running on their debut run in Team Angle. We may never get to see a dream match between them and American Alpha to see a real amateur masterclass. Mr Benjamin is returning to TV with his amazing athleticism but the future isn’t as clear for Mr Haas. That’s where WWE 2K17 comes in, because you don’t have to leave a semi-retired state and get into shape to sign a contract to appear in a video game.


The Revival

Not much is known about the Career mode at present, but hazarding a guess, we’ll start in NXT and it needs to be well populated with random jobbers AND established Superstars. The Revival are currently the NXT Tag Champs so surely Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson deserve the nod. As far as playability goes, their old school methodical style might not transform to the gaming world like the spot-fest type teams would, but it’ll certainly add another dimension to the roster’s tag division.


The Steiner Brothers

By now you must be thinking… ‘this guy sure has a singlet obsession’, and whilst that may be true, I can’t help that all these talented wrestlers just so happen to wear them. Anyway, I don’t think enough of the vintage tag teams get a look in these days but when they do it’s generally the same old crowd. That’s why WWE 2K17 needs a fresher pair of legends like the Steiners. Being able to legit pull off the Steinerizer or simply having Scott plant a guy firmly on his head for a Frankensteiner would make my day.


The majority of my picks have a fair shot of happening and if a couple of these do come true then WWE 2K17 could nail it for all types of fans with a tremendous roster. Feel free to drop me a comment should you agree or disagree with my thoughts and keep an eye on our WWE 2K17 Roster Reveal for a list of every officially announced playable character which is updated regularly.

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