Okay, so it’s not Mario Kart and it isn’t Crash Team Racing, but Mini Wheels promises to be the closest thing you can get. Oh, and it comes with a story to enjoy too!

Announced today by the team at Enigma Games, Mini Wheels will be coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC, promising to keep those who hark for a fun racer quiet for a little bit.

An epic nostalgia driven racing fantasy ride, Mini Wheels is a story-driven karting title that sees you helping a lost toy who has been trapped in the basement of a suburban home. Pipo – the toy in question – needs a hand in escaping and finding its way back into its owner’s arms. But plenty of challenges will need to be overcome first…

Combining the best elements from the most classic of karters, inlcuding power slides, super slides and more, Mini Wheels promises to be fun and super engaging, allowing local multiplayer options should you so wish. An online option is also on the cards but not currently confirmed.

With 36 races, a skill tree for kart customisation and four racing modes – Classic Racing, Flag capture, Burnout and Boss Battle – it also promises to include all of the following:

  • Engaging story. Help Pipo – the lost and lonely toy – find the way back to his favorite human through an action-packed series of races.
  • 4 game modes: Racing, Capture the Flag, Burnout and Boss Battle.
  • On track power-ups that spice up each race.
  • Extra long super slides.
  • Local multiplayer mode for classic arcade racing fun with friends and family.
  • Online multiplayer component.
  • Customizable karts – change both their visual and driving parameters.

Built using Unreal Engine 4, and preparing for launch on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2018, are you ready to learn about a little toy’s not so little story, enjoying power-ups, and tuning the heck out of your kart?

You should be!

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