Have you been looking for a way to get involved with the finer things on offer in GTA V, but don’t want to be spending the many hours required repeating the smaller jobs to get there? Then fear not as today’s newest content arrival for GTA V has everything you need to provide the perfect kickstart to get your criminal empire off the ground.

The Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack brings a wide range of GTA’s most popular content together including properties, businesses, weapons, vehicles and outfits. With such an expansive list of content available, let’s get down to business. Here’s everything you can expect to find in the GTA V Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack:

GTA $1,000,000 Bonus Cash


  • Maze Bank West Executive Office
  • Paleto Forest Gunrunning Bunker
  • Senora Desert Counterfeit Cash Factory
  • Great Chaparral Biker Clubhouse
  • 1561 San Vitas Street Apartment
  • 1337 Exeptionalists Way 10 Car Garage


  • Dune FAV
  • Miabatsu Frogger
  • Enus Windsor
  • Obey Omnis
  • Coquette Classic
  • Turismo R
  • Pegassi Vortex
  • Huntley S
  • Western Zombie Chopper
  • Banshee

Weapons, Clothing & Tattoos

  • Compact Grenade Launcher
  • Marksman Rifle
  • Compact Rifle
  • Stunt Race & Import/Export Outfits
  • Biker Tattoos

With over GTA $10,000,000 of value in one bundle it can be easy to find this content an alluring buy if you’re struggling to get to the wealthy side of GTA V online. It is worth noting however that the items included within the pack can not be resold within the game and will have no trade-in value, so those wanting to opt for some different in-game items are probably best suited to the GTA V cash cards available.

Such a fine selection of valuable items ensures that there’s no surprise that there is of course a price tag included and anyone wanting to get in on the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack can do so now for a hefty £39.99.

Have you been looking for a kickstart to your criminal empire? Is the Starter Pack something you’ll be buying in to? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

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4 years ago

This is disgusting.

Steve (stylon)
Reply to  MrSquifler
4 years ago

Totally agree – £40 for a load of virtual in-game items is a total rip-off. Sad thing is they’ve been doing this for years and enough people are buying this crap to make it (very) worth their while. No wonder they haven’t bothered creating any new single player story content when they can just keep squeezing the online cash cow teets…

Reply to  Steve (stylon)
4 years ago

I wouldn’t even be surprised if some of these updates were things that were intended for single-player DLC.