We all love a good dinosaur adventure, especially one that lets us bring out our creative ideas and splash them onto the world as if it were our own Jurassic Park.

Proof of this can be seen in just how much of a success ARK: Survival Evolved has proven to be since allowing us to hunt, tame and control a world of dinosaurs as we fight for our survival in the infested lands we have become so accustomed to. But whilst many of us have been off taming the wild beasts, another developer has been hard at work to bring us an all new adventure that looks to bring an all new take on the dinosaur survival genre – we can call it a genre now, right?

The game in question is PixARK, the rather exciting Minecraft-esque/ARK hybrid that’s set to arrive on Xbox Game Preview this March.

After being unveiled late last year by developer Snail Games, PixARK has now got an a trailer to showcase what players can expect from the upcoming ARK: Survival Evolved and Minecraft inspired adventure. With a licensing deal already in place with original ARK developer Studio Wildcard, you can bet that this is sure to be an experience that will maintain all the bells and whistles we’ve grown fond of within ARK.

PixARK is set to bring us an open-world sandbox to explore, with ARK’s main core elements included such as survival, scavenging, crafting, base-building, dinosaur taming and survival, as well as co-operative tribes, whilst providing the visual aesthetics akin to that of Minecraft.

With a robust character creation and progression system set to feature, complete with skill trees and customisable stats, a voxel block building system, procedurally generated quests to complete and an infinite number of voxel-based maps – many of which will be rife with arid desserts, luscious jungles, caves and more – there is plenty to be excited about.

Most exciting of all however is the fact that each map will contain many of the 100 voxel-created dinosaurs from ARK, all of which can be tamed, trained and saddled up to ride.

More information has now being released about the upcoming open-world survival adventure, PixARK developer Snail Games had this to say – “Spend your time building a towering fortress or go on a quest in a sprawling cavern” – which to us sounds like a perfect way to spend an evening. However those wanting a little more action will be happy about the next statement with players said to be able to – “Fly on the back of a dragon and smite your enemies with a magic wand, or ride a mighty T-Rex and blast your foes with a rocket launcher. In the world of PixARK, how you play is up to you – as long as you survive!”

With PixARK due to launch in March on the Xbox Game Preview program, it’s fair to say we are excited for the adventure, and with local and online multiplayer also said to be included, there are plenty of reasons to round up your friends and join in on the excitement for the upcoming open-world survival adventure.

Are you looking forward to PixARK? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels, and for a better look at what to expect, why not check out the trailer below.

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