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Orion Haste Review

There are worse shooters out there than Orion Haste, but there are also many that are a lot better. Including Contra: Operation Galuga…

Xatrom Command Review

Xatrom Command is a decent game, but nothing more, and there are certainly better twin shooters out there.

Demons of Asteborg Review

If you fancy a retro styled action platform game, you’re not short of choice, and Demons of Asteborg should be another to add to the list. 

Top Racer Collection Review

As a proposition in this day and age, Top Racer Collection is not a Forza or GT7 beater, but it isn’t meant to be.

Xuan Yuan Sword: The Gate of Firmament Review

With a history stretching all the way back to 1990 in China, the Xuan Yuan Sword series of RPGs are lesser known here in the West. With 13 games already released, the series can be seen to rival that of Final Fantasy in length and scope, and has also branched out into TV, novels and musical releases. With the wide range of games to choose from, it seems entirely logical that Softstar Entertainment Inc has chosen to release the twelfth game in the series onto the Xbox One. Can it compete with the juggernaut that is Final Fantasy, or will it be steamrollered flat? Come with me to Ancient China and let’s find out!

Circuits Review

Circuits is one of those games that sounds very simple when it is explained, but is deceptively deep when you actually get around to playing it. Coming from Digital Tentacle, it has been available on Steam for almost five years already, but has finally made an appearance on the Xbox One. Has the wait been worth it, or should it have stayed on the PC?

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III Review

The return to the classic Diablo style gameplay with The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 3 is just what the doctor ordered. Lady Katerina also makes a welcome return, and is as amusing as ever, but as the story goes on she reveals more of her back story to Van Helsing, and although I'm not going to reveal any spoilers in here, her tale did make me reconsider my opinion of her...

The Surge – A Walk in the Park DLC Review

The Surge, the futuristic Dark Souls type game from Focus Interactive and Deck 13, has had some DLC released. Entitled "A Walk In The Park", it slots neatly into the game and allows you to explore a whole new area, the aptly named CREO World. With the addition of 16 new weapons, three new armour sets and a whole new area, is it worth diving back back into the murky world of giant robots, crazed cyborgs and tech scrap for this expansion?

Numantia Review

Strategy games eh? For so long the preserve of PC gamers (in fact my first experience with this game type was many many moons ago, as a university student playing Dune 2 on a housemate’s PC), there have been few successful entries on the Xbox. The most notable of these has been the Halo Wars series, which entertain by being a multi coloured laser-fest, using vehicles to do the fighting, in addition to the foot soldiers. Numantia is a beast of a different stripe, swapping the future for the past, science fiction for reality and laser rifles for swords. Can it still entertain?

Let it snow with 5 of the best snow-filled Xbox games!

Waking up to a winter wonderland, and then sitting in a huge tailback on the M1 motorway, I was moved to consider which were my favourite snow-filled levels in games.

de Blob Review

First appearing way back in 2008 on the Nintendo Wii, de Blob is a platform-puzzle game coming from THQ Nordic. I missed this game the first time around, so the news that it has been ported to the Xbox One off the back of a successful port to PC is good news for me. The big question that I will attempt to answer in this review though is, is it good news for Xbox gamers in general? Come with me to Chroma City as I try and find out!

Destiny 2: The Curse of Osiris – Is it a blessing or a curse?

The latest piece of Destiny 2 content has now launched, and I've been hands on with it to see if Bungie have brought their A-game this time. Entitled The Curse of Osiris, it deals with the re-emergence of Ikora Rey's mentor, the Warlock Osiris. He was exiled from the City a very long time ago when his research began to take him in a heretical direction, and then disappeared from the face of the Universe. Well, now he’s back, and predictably trouble isn't far behind. But having spent hours with the new content, is this expansion a new Rise of Iron, or is it more a House of Wolves?

Dead Exit Review

Every so often a game designer decides to try something different. Sometimes these games work, and sometimes they don't, but the spirit of experimentation and of pushing the boundaries, should never be discouraged. Coming from Radiationburn Games, the latest in the catalogue of "something a bit different" is Dead Exit, a card based, zombie survival game. Set in a post apocalyptic world, the idea is to gather resources, and escape the city. The big question is does this style of game translate well to the Xbox One, or is it better left on the PC that spawned it? Let’s find out!

Destiny 2’s DLC: Thoughts of Bungie’s live stream reveals – direct from a fanboy!

In just a couple of weeks the first of Destiny 2's DLC additions will be released. Called "the Curse of Osiris", or, as a friend of mine quipped in an Xbox Live party last night, "The Curse of Miley Cyrus", this is Bungie’s chance to address the numerous and noisy complaints of the Destiny player base. With complaints about the lack of meaningful end-game content hitting epidemic proportions, have Bungie done enough to keep everyone, or indeed anyone, happy? I've watched the stream over and over again looking for clues about what we can expect, and I'm cautiously optimistic.

Need For Speed Payback Review

The latest entry in EA's popular Need for Speed franchise is the appropriately named Payback, which traces the exploits of a crew of three street racers. These are Tyler, the self proclaimed "best racer in the city", who will take on responsibility for race and drag events. He is joined by Mac, who takes on off road and drift events, and Jess, a hard nosed female racer who participates in "Runner" events - which largely revolve around escaping from the police. Coming from Ghost Games, who brought us the last entry in the series, Payback has a lot to live up to if it is going to match the highlights of the series. The question is, does it do just that, or is it left spinning its wheels by the side of the road?

Should you buy an Xbox One X without a 4K TV?

At midnight on the 7th of November, I was once again stood in the queue at my local GAME store, awaiting the handing over of my shiny Xbox One X Project Scorpio console. After being handed the surprisingly heavy bag (this thing is a lot smaller than my OG Day One Xbox One, but weighs a lot more), I hot footed it home and plugged it in to my old and trusty TV. Well, when I say old, it’s about 8 months old, but when I broached the subject of a new 4K version with the wife, I was slapped down in no uncertain terms.  Somehow I ended up buying my son a new bed just for even thinking about the act of buying a new TV. I'm not sure how that works, but there you go! Anyway, the collected ramblings below will chart my adventures in the Xbox One X owners club (I really hope that’s a thing), as a proud non-4K TV player.

Need For Speed Payback – Tales from the EA Access Trial

I'm a big fan of the EA Access program, and in particular the way it lets you download trials of popular upcoming games early. In this way, I learned that I didn't like Star Wars Battlefront without having to pay for it, and that Battlefield: Hardline was a lot more fun than the description made it sound. The latest game to get the Early Access treatment is the upcoming Need For Speed Payback, so being a massive driving game fan I dived straight in and downloaded it as fast as my internet would allow. Now, I've played every Need for Speed game since back in the days of the PS2, when Most Wanted was my favourite, right up to the travesty that was The Run. So how does the new one stack up, I hear you cry? Well, I'm glad asked! Here are my thoughts from the 10 hour free EA Access trial.

Rapala Fishing: Pro Series Review

I've been fishing in real life for over 30 years now, and so would seem to be in pole position to review a fishing game, should such a thing happen to come along. Luckily, Rapala Fishing: Pro Series has come along, so I strapped on my virtual wellies and dived in. Does it measure up to sitting by the side of a lake in the elements and taking in the fresh air, or is sitting in the rain next to a dirty old canal better than this game? Let’s tackle up and find out!

First Destiny 2 DLC Trailer Drops!

The first Destiny 2 DLC trailer has dropped... and, yes, it looks as epic as you might expect.

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There are worse shooters out there than Orion Haste, but there are also many that are a lot better. Including Contra: Operation Galuga…

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