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I got my start with gaming a little bit on the late side, starting early Xbox 360, and since then I haven't looked back. I play a little bit of everything, but my favorite genres are RPG's and FPS's. I just discovered my passion for writing about games and I cant wait to do more of that!

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Tesla Force Review

10tons have managed to recreate that feeling of running out of time, surrounded on all sides, and even sometimes fares better than many games in recent memory. While Tesla Force on Xbox is lacking in variety, especially upon repeat playthroughs, what it does have to offer has continuously dragged me back in for more.

Lord of the Click Review – The Clicks Aren’t Worth the Risk

Lord of the Click on Xbox One doesn’t do anything to keep you playing. The act of clicking is uncomfortable, not to mention worrying, and the upgrades are about as boring as you can get. At the end of the day, the only real selling point is the cheap price and easy Gamerscore. Unless you're desperate, I wouldn’t recommend picking this one up.

Clan N Review

Creamative has put a lot of work into Clan N on Xbox One, and it shows. Not only does the game both look and play great, there is a solid amount of content available. Not everything is a home run though. The obscure nature of what some stats do, and when you level up, can make things tedious at times. But between the seven levels, two campaigns, and mini-games that are found throughout, there is enough here to warrant the asking price.

A Summer with the Shiba Inu Review – A Round of Apaws

Syd’s journey to find her brother honestly feels more like a journey to find herself. And with the help of her two friends Max and Quei-Li, A Summer with the Shiba Inu was a journey I found myself wanting to go through multiple times.

StarCrossed Review

It’s funny how a story about keeping the universe together has released as everyone has been told to isolate. But that irony almost makes this game just what is needed. As your unlikely group of heroes go out and save the universe, they also manage to spread a sense of warmth and joy that permeates across nearly all aspects of StarCrossed on Xbox One. And while I was left wishing there was more content for these characters to interact with, I felt satisfied in a way that few games in recent times have managed to achieve.

Mosaic Review – Wow… Capitalism Sucks

Throughout my roughly three hours with Mosaic, I found myself constantly awe-stricken. The world is beautiful in its design and, though sparingly used, colors are bold and breathtaking. The sound design between BlipBlop’s constant dings of success and the haunting music that’s played as you simply go to work is superb. Krillbite Studio has done an amazing job at crafting an experience.

Gift of Parthax Review

What we end up with in Gift of Parthax on Xbox One is a solid game that exists in this weird ground; never really fun enough to play and focus on specifically, but not frustrating or bad enough to cause irritation.

Furwind Review

Simple is better. It's a phrase I’ve often heard thrown around and it’s generally true. Avoiding the pitfalls of complication and the attempts to innovate can lead to a smoother experience. While sometimes this is a good motto to follow, occasionally people can take it a little too far. Not far enough where the experience is completely diluted, but enough where the simplicity can get a bit on the old side by the end. This is where I found Furwind on Xbox One to fall. By no means is it a bad game from any standpoint, but it is simple, almost to a fault.

For The King Review

It has been ages since I have found a game so enthralling as IronOak’s first release. For The King comes jam packed with content and with five different game modes, there is a ton to do and even more to explore in the randomly generated worlds. And thankfully, this is all supported by a solid framework. While some aspects work better than others, For The King is more than worth the entry price.

Eternity: The Last Unicorn Review

Every now and then I’ll go to Gamestop, see what Xbox 360 games they have, and buy a couple of the super cheap offerings. I love doing this as it's a great way to find games that I never had the chance to experience before, while also taking a look at how gaming itself has modernized and evolved over the past decade. Eternity: The Last Unicorn feels like one of those games that I would pick up. It feels and plays like a game lost in time, and while there is a certain charm to that feeling, it doesn't exactly succeed in many aspects that the developers may have hoped.

Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing Review

After finding critical success when released for PSVR in August of 2018, Tribetoy has ported Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing to the traditional console experience. Expanding on their previous release, you find yourself commanding your airship through up to 10 different levels with randomly generated missions. In order to make it out on top you have to create alliances, cripple your enemies and turn your back on those asking for help. But is there enough in Bow to Blood to differentiate itself from other rogue-lites? Or is it destined to sink below the mist?

Hell Warders Review

Being touted as an “Action Hero Defence” game, Hell Warders joins the likes of the Dungeon Defenders series, Sanctum, Iron Brigade and more, in the modern evolution of the tower defence genre. However, your experience will feel anything but modern. See, between performance to artistic execution, your time spent in the world of Eumios will feel dated.

RemiLore: Lost Girl in the Lands of Lore Review

The premise of Remilore: Lost Girl in the Lands of Lore isn't exactly what many would call inspired. Your short adventure follows Remi, a schoolgirl who accidentally scares Lore, a sentient book, who then in return teleports them to the lands of Ragnoah. Over the course of a couple of hours or so you’ll fight your way through 12 levels, 4 bosses and countless bloodthirsty robots to get home. But what looks like a rote experience turns out to be one with surprising depth.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Review

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles attempts to mix classic gaming genres together. Taking inspiration from The Legend of Zelda series as well as games like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, you'll find yourself farming, crafting and trekking across a beautiful world. Developers Prideful Sloth have successfully created an experience filled with adventure and joy to be found.

8-Bit Invaders Review

Petroglyph Games have managed to pack a ton of content into what could be considered by some to be nothing less than an expansion pack, however there have had to be some concessions made in making this console RTS experience

Away: Journey to the Unexpected Review

Pladius Games attempts to make what they call a feel good FPS. With a simple premise about making friends, finding out your parents jobs and why they disappeared, Away: Journey to the Unexpected is off to a great start. But not everything clicks together unfortunately, and it seems like the developers may have missed the mark. By quite a bit.

Hellfront: Honeymoon Review

In a drastic departure from their point and click origins, SkyGoblin aims to blend multiple genres for their newest game, Hellfront: Honeymoon. The groundwork works astonishingly well, but unfortunately not all the pieces manage to fit together as well as SkyGoblin may have hoped.

Donut County Review

Your time with Donut County will be bizarre to say the least.

Ashen Review

Ashen is all about forging a world out of darkness. Starting out with just Bataran and Jokell, you are set off in the world to find and protect the Ashen, a being whose rebirth has brought light back into the land. Throughout your journey, you develop a ragtag alliance of heroes, all with their own goals and motivations. A world that starts off barren and lonely ends up being filled with personality and family.

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