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Put down Call of Duty: Warzone and forget about Apex Legends, today on Xbox One is all about the farmers – the Shotgun Farmers.

An online multiplayer shooter (yep, another one), Shotgun Farmers looks to take a different approach to the genre norm, throwing out a hugely colourful, massively fun shooting title in which every missed shot sees the birth of a new gun. Yep, this is a game in which you grow weaponry.

Priced at £8.39 and available to purchase from the Xbox Store for Xbox One, Shotgun Farmers isn’t likely to be quite as smooth, anywhere near as technical, or even bursting full of the usual multiplayer shooting options, but that’s not to mean you shouldn’t be giving it a shot (sorry!) over the others – mainly because it looks a ton of fun.

And yes, what is better than having a game where you grow your own guns. In Shotgun Farmers that is the case and for every missed shot that you fire out, your ammo will grow into the deadliest of crops, obtainable by either yourself, or your foes. If you’re fed up with the fancy reloading of others, this is most certainly the way to go.

Features include:

  • CAPTURE THAT CHICKEN – Battle enemy farmers in different game modes that change the way you play. Chase a chicken around the map in Chicken Run, steal the enemy’s prized pig in Capture The Pig, defend the scarecrow in King of the Crow, and more!
  • SURVIVE THE HORDE – Take on the zombie horde in this co-op mode where you take on waves of infected farmers and animals. Can you survive to the end and take on the final boss?
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR FARMER – Level up your farmer and complete challenges to unlock over 200 cosmetics, including hats, shovel skins, costumes, and emotes!
  • PLAY ONLINE OR OFFLINE – Play online with up to 10 players per match, in public lobbies and private rooms. Take on AI bots in Practice Mode to sharpen your farming skills offline or squad up with your friends and take on other players online.
  • FREQUENT UPDATES – Shotgun Farmers is updated regularly with new weapons, new cosmetics, limited time game modes, and more new maps to come!

Whether or not Shotgun Farmers manages to pull off the unique take on online shooting is still up for debate, but you can be sure we’ll drop you a full review once we’ve managed to do a bit of shotgun harvesting. If you wish to give the game a go for yourself, get over to the Xbox Store and take home a download.

Game Description:

Shotgun Farmers is the online multiplayer shooter where missed shots grow guns. Fire your bullets into the ground to plant your ammo. Reloading isn’t an option, so grab one of the deadly crops planted by the bullets of you and your enemies. Shot at by a sniper? Well they just planted you your very own sniper gun to fire back with! Harvest weapon plants quickly for more ammo or let them grow for a larger clip.

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