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What’s the best way to celebrate a gaming franchise turning 10 years old? Whack out the original in glorious remastered form, of course. And that’s exactly what PQube and Inti Creates will be doing when they deliver Gal*Gun Returns to Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. 

Announced for release in 2021 (it’s gonna be one hella busy year), Gal*Gun Returns will see the decade old original creep out of Japan to deliver some arcade styled shooting action mixed with dating sim mechanics to the West. Whether you’re already a faithful Gal*Gunners or looking to take things on for the very first time, Gal*Gun Returns will sort you out. 

If you are unaware, Gal*Gun tells the tale of a young man who suddenly becomes a bit popular with the the opposite sex, having to live out the unfortunate life of having every lady that looks his way confessing their undying love for him. Whilst that sounds great for some, it’s not here and he must steel himself and fend these would-be lovers off with his special weapon – the Pheromone Shot – as he tries to win the affections of one of the main protagonists. Gal*Gun

Returns promises to deliver choice, euphoria, multiple new features and improvements, alongside the chance to take in a variety of game modes, a host of DLC drops from back in the day, a Gallery Mode, full voice acting AND the chance to hunt down no less than 423 types of panties. Yep, hot on the heels of National Underwear Day and our article covering the best games to play on the most important day of the year, Gal*Gun Returns will breathe new life into the gaming scene. 

gal gun returns Kaname Nonomiya

Features include:

  • So much choice! – You will face -and romance- a huge cast of over 70 characters! From the heroines to the angels, students to faculty members, and even some ladies who are pretty rare sightings, you have ample choice in which waifu(s) to choose from as your True Love!
  • Give them Euphoria – While the Pheromone Shots are efficient, everyone has a special spot that makes them weak in the knees… If you aim correctly and see a「ハッ」or「キュン」, land your shot to score a 1-hit euphoric K.O. with the Ecstasy Shot, and get bonus points!
  • Is your heart beating faster? – The one and only Doki-Doki Mode is back and ready to showcase the girls’ best assets from all angles -should you meet the right criteria! If you get the girl(s) gauge filled-up in the time limit, you will eliminate all the enemies on screen while bringing the girls to euphoria! To top it off, you’ll receive a special reward for your… efforts. 
  • Improvements and New Features – Ten years have passed since the original, and these gals are even more charming now than ever! Small changes such as hairstyles and other fine details have been improved! Brand new CGs have been added for each heroine’s introduction, and in a bunch of instances throughout the story as well!
  • A Variety of Game Modes! – Fall in love with the girl of your dreams in Story Mode, show off your sharpshooting skills in Score Attack Mode, live out your fantasy of a multi-person Doki Doki Mode with the all new Doki Doki Carnival, and a whole lot more!
  • Pre-loaded DLC! – From bikinis to aprons and more, the popular DLC outfits from back then are ready to be enjoyed from the get-go!
  • Full Voice Acting – Every single one of the 70+ girls in the game is fully voiced! Revel in every minute of this amazing cast’s performance!
  • ️Complete Gallery Mode – Over 250 illustrations, both old and new, are ready for you to take in!
  • Most impantitly – True aesthetics in those hidden areas is what Gal*Gun is all about! A grand total of 423 types of panties are waiting to be discovered!

So what do you think to the return of Gal*Gun?

Will you be heading into the remaster when it releases on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC in 2021? Let us know. 

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