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Who said that Xbox Series X|S had no launch games? Halo: Infinite may not be in place as initially thought but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a host of great titles to check out upon launch of the most powerful console ever created. Especially now that PLAYISM have announced that Bright Memory will be there on day one.

Revealed at the recent PLAYISM Game Show – a show that was hosted by Japan’s oldest indie publisher – Bright Memory will arrive as a day one launch title (Nov 10th 2020), delivering a high-octane, visually stunning FPS that looks set to wow the crowds as you use a full-on arsenal of firearms and swords in order to attempt to rack up huge combos, all as you go about slaying mythological demons.

We’ll then see Bright Memory: Infinite promising to push Xbox Series and PC graphics cards to the utter limits right into 2021. This title was originally planned as the next episode leading on from the early access version but grew into a reimagined and complete Bright Memory, one which the developer always wanted to make.

Further to that though, other notable reveals at the PLAYISM Game Show will see others arrive too. For instance, PLAYISM will publish Mighty Goose – a fast-paced, over the top, classic-inspired run & gun arcade shooter from Blastmode – worldwide on PC and console in 2021, whilst Mad Father will deliver some retro exploration-based horror-adventure with completely overhauled graphics and new story elements on Steam and Nintendo Switch this Halloween season.

Alongside that will be Orangeblood, a JRPG inspired by 90s hip-hop from developer Grayfax Software – it’s available to pre-order on Xbox One right now – with the game cranking up the bass on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 from October 1st 2020.

There are also some others that aren’t yet Xbox ready; TOKOYO: The Tower of Perpetuity for 2020 launch on Steam, and then Tasomachi and Replica which will both arrive in 2021.

“Now that the next-generation consoles have been fully revealed, I’m sure the indie game scene is about to get more lively. PLAYISM will strive to bring the best of the indie crop into the next generation of gaming by supporting those creators driven by their unique vision and passion for creating something only they can. Because we believe indie games are what games should be like; innovative one of a kind games where true creative freedom is expressed,” said Shunji Mizutani, Executive Producer, PLAYISM. “To celebrate our love of indie games we are holding a sale across multiple platforms. Take a look and you might find something that scratches that itch for a unique gaming experience.”

Did you check out the PLAYISM Game Show? Let us know what you thought of it all. The comments are down below. As is the show itself.

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