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It’s been the hot topic for many a month, but finally us Xbox gamers get the chance to fully understand what is required of us, and our wallets, as we make the leap to the next generation. Yep, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are on the way and today the release dates, the details and, most importantly, the prices are known. So, if you’re an Xbox gamer looking to continue with the family, a PC player considering a switch to the land of the console, or a PlayStation/Nintendo fan who is looking for something a little different, then Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are going to be for you. 

The next generation of gaming begins on November 10th 2020 as the most powerful console ever made – Xbox Series X – and it’s little brother, the smallest console Microsoft has ever built – Xbox Series S – come into town. And if that sounds like something you’ll be looking to embrace, September 22nd 2020 is when you can get your pre-orders in. 

Whilst we’ve known all about Xbox Series X for some time, what will Series S bring to the table? Well, it’s the all-digital solution (yeah!), bringing faster load times, higher frame rates, and richer more dynamic worlds. Coming in Robot White with a glorious black detail (yep, happy to debate that with anyone!), it promises to bring the same next gen speed and performance as Series X, with 4x the processing power of Xbox One and the allowances for the likes of DirectX Racytracing and Variable Rate Shading. It will come with 512GB of custom SSD storage and is powered by the Xbox Velocity Architecture, delivering more than 40x the I/O bandwidth of an Xbox One resulting in faster loading times, steadier frame rates and Quick Resume for multiple titles.

So why would you want an Xbox Series X at nearly double the price? Well Xbox Series S has been built for those who don’t have a 4K TV, prioritising framerate over resolution. It will deliver approximately 3x the GPU performance of Xbox One and was designed to play games at 1440p at 60 frames per second, with support for up to 120fps
Xbox Series X will set you back £449/$499, whilst Series S will come in considerably cheaper at £249/$299, whilst the Xbox All Access scheme will roll out to additional countries, letting those in the following areas enjoy Xbox gaming and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate by paying set monthly prices…

  • Australia at Telstra
  • Canada at EB Games
  • Denmark at Elgiganten
  • Finland at Gigantti
  • France at FNAC
  • New Zealand at Spark
  • Norway at Elkjøp
  • Poland at Media Expert
  • South Korea at SK Telecom
  • Sweden at Elgiganten
  • UK at GAME and Smyths Toys
  • United States at Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Microsoft Store, and Walmart
xbox all access

Whilst that All Access offer sounds good straight off the back, the fact that Xbox are now also inviting EA Play (formerly EA Access) into the Xbox Game Pass subscription means even more games will be available for one low monthly cost – $24.99 for Xbox Series S and $34.99 for Xbox Series X, both for 24 months with no upfront costs. 

Include the fact that Xbox Game Pass will also be merging with Project xCloud on the 15th September, letting you use the likes of the stunning Razer Kishi, and things get better still. 

This next generation of gaming WILL be the best yet, and with the power of Xbox pushing along your dreams, there is next to no reason not to get involved. Games will be optimised for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S with both consoles supporting the same next gen features including HDMI 2.1, frame rates up to 120fps, DirectX Raytracing and Variable Rate Shading. It will also support Spatial Sound, including Dolby Atmos, and Dolby Vision via streaming media apps like Disney+, Vudu and Netflix at launch. Plus: Dolby Vision support for gaming will come first to the next-gen Xbox consoles in 2021.

So, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are coming on November 10th 2020 and before you know it you’ll be able to get your pre-orders in. But which console will you be going for? Will it be the all singing, all dancing Xbox Series X? Or the cheaper, easier-to-handle Xbox Series X? Does the roll-out of Xbox All Access change your plans? Will the arrival of EA Play in Xbox Game Pass sell it even more? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments and through our Discord server. 

It’s time to begin powering your dreams!

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