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Edit: 01/02/23 – CATAN – Console Edition is due to rock up on February 28th 2023.

Anyone who is familiar with CATAN can look forward to how we’ve brought this iconic board game to life,” says Studio Producer Natalie Dodd.We aimed to provide authentic gameplay that fans know and love, while retaining the essence of the board game in our digital iteration. We can’t wait to see Catanians playing from the couch and online. Both new players to the game and CATAN fans will really enjoy the immersive experience.

Original article from 6th Oct 22 as follows:

It’s been a good couple of decades since CATAN first arrived on the scene, but after a tease in 2021 that the game would be coming to console, finally we get confirmation that CATAN – Console Edition will be arriving on Xbox and PlayStation in 2023. Want all the details?

CATAN – Console Edition is coming from the Dovetail Games team – they behind the likes of Bassmaster Fishing and Train Sim World – as they take the iconic board game into the virtual scene. 

It’ll launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5 at some point in 2023 and will bring the board game to life like never before, adding in features that are able to fully expand on the success of the classic, including highly detailed tiles that will immerse players on the island of CATAN, a new way for players to play locally from the couch with up to four friends, and a multiplayer mode to play with fellow Catanians all over the world.

When it hits home, Dovetail are promising that no two games in CATAN – Console Edition will ever be the same. With variable board setups, and towering mountains, bustling pastures, or thriving forests, every time you play, it’ll be slightly different. Catanians will be able to go aboue moving around the board as sheep graze in the fields and boats float at the docks. 

CATAN - Console Edition 03

“We’ve collaborated closely with Nomad Games and CATAN to provide players with an authentic experience unlike any other. We tried to pay attention to the little details, like the bunting that decorates the longest road or the little chimney when someone builds a city; each part of the game has been carefully designed to bring the board to life,” Natalie Dodd, Studio Producer at Dovetail Games, said. “The ability to play locally with friends is a novel and exciting addition. Players can track cards using their phones, which eliminates the risk of other players seeing your resources. We can’t wait to show everyone this fantastic feature!”

CATAN – Console Edition is being developed by Noman Games, with Dovetail behind the publishing, helping lead the way. It’s they who are wanting players to be given the chance to play locally with up to four friends in the same room, utilising their smartphones and QR codes. You’ll be able to track your cards through your phone, ensuring privacy of each players’ hand. 

There will be online multiplayer matchmaking in place too, as well as a ranking system to give reason for your games, all as you gather resources, construct settlements throughout CATAN, and become the winning Catanian to advance in rank. The multiplayer ranking system will try to match players together based on skill level and will update at the end of each game.

We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as the release of CATAN – Console Edition on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5 begins to move into view. 

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