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Exclusive Interview – Why It’s Happening and Yogscast Games want us to PlateUp!

We grabbed for the apron and sat down with the original developer behind PlateUp!, Alastair Janse van Rensburg, in hope of discovering more about the upcoming Xbox launch. 

Exclusive Interview – Understanding The Invincible with Starward Industries

We wanted to find out more about The Invincible, what prompted its creation and how Starward went about delivering it. Maciej Dobrowolski, CMO at Starward Industries was more than happy to tell us more. 

Exclusive Interview – Getting musical with Dodo Re Mi and the madness of Jackbox

We wanted to find out more about how the Jackbox team go about creating these wonderful experiences, injecting humour into every party session. And so when we got the chance to settle down with Brooke Breit - director on the musical masterpiece that is Dodo Re Mi - we jumped at it.

Exclusive interview with the makers of Born of Bread: the little RPG with a lot to prove

When we fall head over heels for a game, we grasp at any opportunity to interview its creators. And so it goes with Nicolas Lamarche, the lead designer of Born of Bread. We discussed bakery puns over some dipping breads, and are here to bring you the results.

Exclusive Interview – kicking back with My Time at Sandrock’s Game Director

When we had the opportunity to grab one of the team behind both Portia and Sandrock, we jumped at the chance. Xu Zhi, director of My Time in Portia and My Time at Sandrock was only too happy to answer our questions…

An exclusive interview with Simon the Sorcerer Origins developer Smallthing Studios

There’s something of an adventure game resurgence going on, as Monkey Island returns with Ron Gilbert at the helm. It’s a perfect time, then, nearly thirty years after the original, for Simon the Sorcerer to make its return. Developed by Smallthing Studios, Simon the Sorcerer Origins is picking up the baton from where Adventure Soft left off. 

Exclusive interview with Terry Cavanagh, mastermind of Dicey Dungeons

With so much going on in Dicey Dungeons, we thought it would be a fine time to chat with its originator and sole developer-designer, Terry Cavanagh. We had a lot to ask after falling under the spell of its new Reunion DLC

Exclusive Interview with Plot Twist, authors of The Last Case of Benedict Fox

Following the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, there were few games that left a lasting impression as much as The Last Case of Benedict Fox. Designed and developed by the relatively unknown Plot Twist studio, it oozed confidence. We were given the opportunity to interview creative director Bartek, who was able to take us on a guided tour through its macabre halls.The horror, the horror…

Exclusive Interview – Frontier take us into the world of Jurassic World Evolution 2 and the Dominion Biosyn Expansion

Everyone likes dinosaurs. It's that appeal which has allowed Frontier Developments to find success with their Jurassic World series of games, with the latest - Jurassic World Evolution 2 - having just been updated with a new Dominion Biosyn Expansion, inspired by the film, Jurassic World Dominion.

Exclusive Interview – Codemasters talk us through F1 22, Supercars and VR

If anyone knows how to make an F1 game, it's Codemasters.

Exclusive Interview – Allez, Allez, Allez! Cyanide Studios chat Tour de France 2022 and Pro Cycling Manager 2022

It’s not every day that our loves for gaming and cycling converge, but with the release of the Tour de France 2022 and Pro Cycling Manager 2022 games on Xbox, PlayStation and PC, that love gets to reach all-new heights. It’s the Nacon and Cyanide Studios teams who are behind the annual editions and so we reached out to see if we could find out more about what goes in to the development of these cycling games. 

Exclusive Interview with Room-C Games, the power behind The Hand of Merlin

We’re nerds, and two topics that get us hot around the collar are Arthurian legends and the tales of HP Lovecraft. Now, we didn’t expect those two to necessarily meet, but meet they have, all within the upcoming The Hand of Merlin. To help us on that journey, Room-C Games offered us a chat with their CEO and founder, Robert Sajko.

Exclusive Interview – Take a seat and have some Spirittea with its developer, Dan Beckerton

Dan Beckerton, developer of Spirittea, is the kind of person to make you ashamed with how much you’ve achieved in life. He’s the developer of beautiful nurturing sim Spirittea, creating something to rival Stardew Valley, but he’s also managed to do it all on his lonesome. We jumped at the opportunity to interview him.

Exclusive Interview – Heading to the Exclusion Zone with The Farm 51 and Chernobylite

Chernobylite is not a brand new game, after-all, it first released back in 2021. But it has just recently been updated to make the most of the next-gen consoles of Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. We wanted to know exactly what was to be found in the upgrade and so reached out to The Farm 51 in hope they could answer us a few questions. They were more than happy to oblige…

Exclusive Interview – Robot Entertainment tip the scales with the new Orcs Must Die! 3 expansion

We fast became big fans of Orcs Must Die! 3 when it released on Xbox, PlayStation and PC in 2021. In fact, killing those Orcs with a variety of weapons easily helped pass a ton of time. So when Robot Entertainment continued to expand the base game with the Tipping the Scales expansion, we just had to find out more. Thankfully the Game Director - Jerome K. Jones - was on hand to fill in the details…

Exclusive Interview with the one-man-team behind Wildcat Gun Machine

Sometimes you just want a spot of mindless action, ludicrous explosions and… cats. Knowing this eternal truth, Chunkybox Games have put together Wildcat Gun Machine, the purest articulation of violence and felines that we’ve seen this side of Thundercats. To better understand this festival of gore, we got in touch with the mysterious ‘Dave’, the one-man-band behind Wildcat Gun Machine, and asked him some questions.

Exclusive Interview – Wade Rosen, Atari CEO, chats about the resurgence and Recharge of Atari

Over recent months Atari have made a bit of an impression on the gaming world, with the reboot and revamp of not just the iconic name, but some classic games through their Recharged series - Centipede, Black Widow, Asteroids and Breakout. With a rich history behind them, we reached out to Atari to find out what has been behind their resurgence - Wade Rosen, Atari CEO was more than happy to tell all. 

Exclusive interview – Checking out the sides of The Last Cube with Improx Games

When we heard that Improx Games were bringing The Last Cube to Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC, we were immediately interested. With a combination of a huge number of levels, some seriously good looking stages and a highly intriguing ‘sticker’ system, it was a puzzler that piqued our interest. So when Improx Games agreed to a little chat, divulging more info on the game, we couldn’t say no. 

Exclusive interview – Diving into the secrets of Submerged: Hidden Depths with Uppercut Games

Just prior to launch of the relaxploration title, we grabbed Ed Orman, one of the founders of Uppercut Games and game designer on Submerged, in order to find out more about the secrets of Hidden Depths. 

The TUNIC interview: an exclusive chat with polymath designer Andrew Shouldice

It feels like TUNIC has been pumping out trailers and information for years now, and there’s a good reason for it. Announced way back in 2017, it’s been worked on by largely one individual - Andrew Shouldice. We were given the opportunity to talk to Andrew and jumped at it. We wanted to know what kind of demon-pact meant he was able to produce it on his own. Or mostly on his own.

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