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Ah, what’s better than seeing in the New Year? Well, how about getting access to some free games? That’s exactly what the Xbox Games With Gold scheme for January 2019 is allowing, and right now that ensures you’ll have access to the brilliant Celeste for free.

Stripped of its price tag until the end of January 2019, Celeste is just ‘one of those games you have to play’, delivering a narrative that drives on the solo adventurer through more than 700 of the very best platforming challenges.

Usually priced at £15.99 and only originally releasing on Xbox One back in January of 2018, Celeste can now be yours for free, so long as you are the proud holder of an Xbox Live Gold subscription. It is with this which the Xbox Games With Gold scheme comes in to its own, and for January 2019, we not only see the brilliant Celeste going free, but free access is also granted to the likes of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, and then Far Cry 2 and WRC 6 later down the line.

It is Celeste we are most interested in though and if you are after a game that delivers super tight controls, just enough puzzling action to keep you sane, and a wide variety of platforming opportunities, then the tale of Madeline and her journey is one you should be taking in pronto.

In order to get your download in, the Xbox Store will happily give up the goods – just be sure to show that valid Xbox Live Gold membership to the doorman and you too will soon be whisked to the land of Celeste Mountain.

You’ve got until the end of January 2019 to get your free download in. After which, Celeste will be going back up in price. If you wish to know more about the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for January 2019, then check out our in-depth article.

Enjoy the freebies!

Game Description:

Help Madeline survive her inner demons on her journey to the top of Celeste Mountain, in this super-tight, hand-crafted platformer from the creators of multiplayer classic TowerFall. • A narrative-driven, single-player adventure like mom used to make, with a charming cast of characters and a touching story of self-discovery • A massive mountain teeming with 700+ screens of hardcore platforming challenges and devious secrets • Brutal B-side chapters to unlock, built for only the bravest mountaineers • IGF “Excellence in Audio” finalist, with over 2 hours of original music led by dazzling live piano and catchy synth beats • Pie The controls are simple and accessible – simply jump, air-dash, and climb – but with layers of expressive depth to master, where every death is a lesson. Lightning-fast respawns keep you climbing as you uncover the mysteries of the mountain and brave its many perils. This is it, Madeline. Just breathe. You can do this.

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