Zen Studios have pretty much got the pinball console market sewn up, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a newbie to give things a go. And today we are seeing the arrival of Quantic Pinball on Xbox One.

Available previously on mobile, it’s time for the self confessed ‘most addictive pinball game ever’ to make its way to Xbox One. With a price point that is low enough to drag the masses in on a whim – £3.99 is all you need to find to get your download moving – and the promise of realistic physics, 6 original tables, 8 different mini-modes and even a draw for the retro fans out there, Quantic Pinball may just be worth a shot.

A further Special table promises to test your skills even more, so if you’re a fan of pinball, fancy something a little different to the usual offerings, and have a little spare change sitting around doing nothing, then make sure you head on over to the Microsoft Store and give Quantic Pinball a look.

Game Description:

Quantic Pinball – One of the most addictive pinball game ever seen with non-stop arcade action, incredibly realistic physics, 8 different table game mini-modes, 6 original tables and a special one for retro-arcade addicts ! Each table game mini-mode features a special gameplay. Quantic Pinball is the perfect fusion between a pinball game and arcade classic gameplays… Complete all the tables and test your skill with the Special table and its invaders’ infinite waves!


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