Timberman VS xbox one race

Chop and move. That’s the way Timberman’s always got on with his daily routine when ridding the forest of trees in the addictively casual, self-titled game. Now though, that old axe of his has received a bit of a polish and is ready for a better experience in Timberman VS, which features new modes as well as competitive play. 

Just in case you’re unfamiliar with the basic principle of Timberman VS, the aim is to swing the axe and cut down the tree, while navigating side to side and avoiding any obtrusive branches that could knock you out. Speed is of the essence, especially in the new Race mode as it pits you against other players locally (up to four participants) to see who’s the fastest and most efficient lumberjack of them all. 

The Classic offering returns too, allowing you to go it alone in the woodland and hone those axe-wielding skills. Here you’ll be able to earn XP and take on the never-ending ultimate test provided by infinite trees. On top of that, there’s also the inclusion of a Hero mode in which you must rescue birds from their nests in the treetops swiftly before a forest fire reaches them.

Should Timberman VS on Xbox One sound ideal for your next fix of fast-paced arcade action, then wait until you see the incredibly enticing price. A mere £1.69 is all that’s needed in order to purchase it from the Xbox Store, and because it’s an Xbox Play Anywhere title, you can play it on PC too. Seems like a bargain to us, but we’d love to know your thoughts about Timberman VS, so be sure to leave a comment below!

Game Description:

Timberman features a single player challenge, to test your skills and unlock as much as 56 characters, and local games to have fun with your friends! Grab your trustworthy axe, become a true Timberman, and chop trees in 3, unique game modes: Classic Timberman: train your axe skills, gain exp to develop your account, and beat your personal high score – in a classic, single-player, infinite tree mode. Chop as fast as you can and avoid branches! Prove you’re the REAL THING! Hero mode: be the hero and rescue birds from their nest in a burning woods – gain eternal glory and sweet loot! Can you reach the top of a tree and find a golden egg? Race: join the race and be the fastest Timberman in a fun, tree-chopping competition! Play with up to 4 players and test your chopping skills against others in a crazy, fast-paced match! First on the finishing line WINS IT ALL!

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