If explosions, chaos and fast-paced action are all you want from a game, then Circuit Breakers will deliver that in spades!

Available now on Xbox One, Circuit Breakers allows up to six players to join in the fun, as it sees you pumping lead into some evil sentient robots for the greater good of humanity. You’ll get the chance to do so by picking up numerous devastating weapons in this easy-to-learn but hard-to-master twin stick shooter.

With four unique characters ready from the get-go – and more available to be unlocked – Circuit Breakers will test you to the max, throwing in challenges and endless waves of enemies to keep you on your toes and ensuring you are left dodging bullets till your thumbs bleed!

However, while it may seem at first that you have infinite ammunition, the secret to success in Circuit Breakers is to collect crystals, which are dropped after killing an enemy, that add to your ammo count – the last thing you want is to have no more bullets and loads of robots flooding towards you, so you will have to keep one eye on your ammo supply and one on the gunfire headed your way.

The chances are that it won’t be long before you meet your maker, whether that is due to a standard grunt or one of the hard as nails bosses you will encounter. Circuit Breakers has that perfect one more go appeal that will have you playing until the small hours as you attempt to increase your progress and high scores!

Circuit Breakers is available right now on Xbox One. The Xbox Games Store holds the key to your download – just make sure you deliver it the £7.99 required. We’ve got a full review on the way too.

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Game Description:

Go back to the 1980s: Shoot, Explode and Explore in this frenzied top down arcade blaster with a modern twist for the Xbox One. Become a supreme warrior or co-op with up to five friends to rid the universe of a ruthless intergalactic robot army. Far in the future, advances in artificial intelligence have created the first truly sentient robot ‘System 2’. Fearing for its safety it escapes into deep space where on a distant planet it begins building a robot army and plotting the inevitable invasion of its former masters. Use a mighty array of devastating weaponry and rack up combos and upgrades to inflict maximum mayhem on the robot army, fighting your way through its massive manufacturing plant. With exhilarating and frenetic arcade action can you save the day? 94% positive review scores on Steam. “A fast-paced action- based game that keeps you coming back for more”. This new Xbox version of Steam hit Circuit Breakers allows players to connect up to six controllers for co-operative play and battle together for points while surviving endless waves of enemies. Circuit Breakers revolves around collecting energy crystals that power your weapons. Killing robots causes them to explode violently, leaving you to collect the shards flying across the room. Featuring Aldo, Shelby, Samson and Tay, each of them is a class with their own set of guns to use. Aldo uses machine guns. He starts with the well-balanced Repeater. With energy, he’ll acquire his Machine Gun, then his Heavy Machine Gun which has an unmatched rate of fire. Shelby uses shotguns. Her Spread Gun upgrades quickly into her signature Shotgun then into her Super Shotgun which can blow away multiple enemies with a single shot! Samson uses explosives. He progresses from his Compact Missile to the powerful Missile Launcher and then on to Volley Missiles which can blow up entire crowds. Tay favours her Beam Rifle which fires a long and precise burst of shots. Given a little power, she’ll move on to the Fusion Beam and then the Photonic Beam which allows her to inflict massive damage by piercing through enemies. Features: • Easy-to-learn and hard-to-master chaotic shooter gameplay suitable for players of any skill level • 50+ levels of non-stop blasting action. • Chew through hordes of enemies with four unique characters! • Local and Online multiplayer for up to six players! • Classic endless top-down action in Arcade mode! • Play through specific courses and compete for the highest score in Score Attack! • An enormous Challenge Board full of secrets to unlock! • Customise your game with the core system and fight things like super-armoured lightning-fast matrix-dodging death robots!


  1. Been following the dev on Twitter for quite some time, as they’ve kept delaying the game. Look forward to your review.

  2. Thought for just a moment that it might be a Paradroid type clone witht he 80’s reference and the screenshot. Oh well, I do like retro shooters so might still be worth a shot 🙂

    • I played this at EGX last year. Found it on day 1, went back for more on day 2, 3 and 4. Was good fun but obviously those were in short 20 min bursts. Interested to see how it fares long term.


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