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When the teams at Circus Atos and RedDeerGames combined to release the gorgeous Under Leaves on Xbox and Switch just a few short weeks ago, who would have known that it was a collaboration that was set to continue with further releases. But it is and today we find the announcement that Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia is due to launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch. 

A beautifully illustrated interactive encyclopedia of plants and animals, Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia will allow Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch players the chance to explore a wonderful world of nature when it drops later this year. 

Complete with more than 160 species of plants and animals, all delicately delivered via hand-painted illustrations, Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia works as an edutainment device, one that will let both you and your kids the chance to learn about the animals found within. 

The information will be provided by carefully prepared information sheets, all revealed as you wander the world. It is here where you’ll enter the world of a little mouse, stumbling upon animals and plants, revealing cards that divulge the info you will need. Throw in some uber relaxing music, a rather unique premise and the chance to actually learn things as you play, and it’s something that is easily sold.

After being utterly drawn in by Under Leaves, we can’t wait to take in what Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia will be able to deliver. The trailer below builds that hype even more.

Features will include:

  • over 160 species of animals and plants to discover
  • 4 different habitats
  • beautiful illustrations
  • a fun way to learn
  • relaxing music
  • easy and intuitive controls
  • available in many languages

As soon as we know of a release of Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch, we’ll be sure to bring you it. Let us know what you think on this latest joint venture between RedDeerGames and Circus Atos – the comments are below.

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