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Remember Constructor HD? It could be said that the foundations weren’t quite in place for it to get off to the best possible start, with issues galore plaguing the release. Well, forget about all that as it’s time for Constructor Plus on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC to take charge – and those who have the original game in their library will be treated better than most. 

Announced today for a full multi-platform release is Constructor Plus, the sequel to Constructor HD. Whilst a release date isn’t yet known, and won’t be until 4th January 2019, what we do know is that it’ll be arriving on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Coming from System 3, Constructor Plus is the next instalment of the city-building, hippy-hosting, mob-hiring game that features a ton of options. With a wealth of new modes, worlds and Undesirables in place, Constructor Plus will offer the consummate city-building experience in both familiar settings and previously unknown terrains. In fact, there is possibly no other construction simulation that will let players decide how to use a Psycho-Gimp to get one over on rival property developers on Mars.

Constructor Plus will also include 138 buildings to chose from – that i near on triple the amount seen in Constructor HD – and 17 worlds to approach, taking you to stunningly realised outer space worlds and all the weird hilarity they offer. But further to that, 65 pre-built cities will also be available for you to jump in to and experience, while a brand new Mission Mode will deliver 15 different story missions to play through, each containing a number of challenges and puzzles. Expect to also find a number of new modes and buildings including retail units, monuments, and casinos.

Whilst the announcement of Constructor Plus is in itself a good thing, there is even better news for those who had to initially suffer the problems with the first game. See, Constructor Plus will be offered to existing owners of the original Constructor HD at a loyalty discount price of just £10 as a thank you for the support. It’s decent touch, but you must be aware that this offer will only be available for one month after launch, so fans of the game should jump in to the fun quickly.

“I’m really excited to be announcing our biggest Constructor title to date, with so much long-term playability and a ton of new content to get involved with,” said Mark Cale, CEO of System 3. “The 21 years from our first massively successful outing to this point have been an amazing journey and we wanted in particular to thank those players that have come all or some of that way with us – offering all this content for a tenner felt like the best way of doing that. I’m looking forward to announcing more details early in the new year.”

As soon as the release date of Constructon Plus is known, we’ll bring it to you, but in the meantime you could well get yourself prepared by checking out our review of the original Constructor HD.


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