Future worlds. Virtually intelligent machines. Genetically modified humans. Neo-San Francisco 2064 AD. 2064: Read Only Memories pretty much sells itself!

Available right now from the Microsoft Store for Xbox One, 2064: Read Only Memories originally set out in life as a PC cyberpunk title, before arriving on PS4 and PS Vita. Coming with delightful visuals, fully voice-acted characters and a £22.79 price tag, if you’re looking for a future fuelled adventure, then this is it.

Working together with a quirky robot, Turing, you’ll get to take in a cast of locals as you attempt to overcome challenges and uncover the secrets behind the Neo-San Fran world.

The inclusion of some of the best voice actors in the world –  Melissa Hutchison & Dave Fennoy (Clementine and Lee in Telltale’s The Walking Dead), Erin
Yvette (Alex in Oxenfree), Austin Creed (WWE’s Xavier Woods), and Vine and YouTube comedian SungWon Cho (ProZD) – should mean the draw is big.

MidBoss CEO Matt Conn said, “Every platform we’ve brought this game to has presented its own challenges, and Xbox was no exception. The cyberpunk world of ROM discusses many issues of futurology, society, and humanity through a unique lens. As we move towards a future where these issues become more and more relevant, we will continue to bring these discussions to as many platforms as possible”

Head yourself over to the Microsoft Store right now. A wonderful future world is awaiting!

Game Description:

Neo-San Francisco, 2064 AD. Your life as a struggling journalist is interrupted by the world’s first sapient machine, a ROM (Relationship and Organizational Manager) named Turing. Together, you and the quirky robot will encounter a colorful cast of locals and overcome challenges as you uncover the city’s secrets behind the overlapping futures of technology and humanity. Can you survive in Neo-SF? Or will the mystery go unsolved?

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