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Daytona, USA – a name that conjures up all sorts of memories. Now though it’s time to create new ones and thanks to the free RIDE 4 – Bonus Pack 04, you’ll be able to grab your leathers, stick on your lid and see your dreams become reality. 

As the name suggests, RIDE 4 – Bonus Pack 04 is the fourth in an ever increasing line of content drops for RIDE 4. Milestone Studios are well known for pushing out plenty of additions for nearly all of their games, and RIDE 4 is no different, with a host of both free and paid options already available.

This time around though its all about heading to Daytona, to sit astride your favourite bikes and tear around the hallowed tarmac. It’s the circuit that is the star of the show here and now too, as it invites you to prove your worth on the meanest of tracks. If you’re looking to add a bit of glitz, glamour and iconic status to your RIDE 4 experience, you’ve come to the right place. 

Whilst RIDE 4 – Bonus Pack 04 doesn’t contain any new bikes – there are other packs that are more than happy to deliver those – alongside the chance to hit Daytona itself comes five new events, each of which will let you test your skills, as you go deep and find the limits of what is possible. 

As with any downloadable content drop for any game, you’ll need the base game of RIDE 4 in place prior to heading to the Xbox Store and taking home this latest free hit. You’ll find the RIDE 4 – Bonus Pack 04 available from the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players to enjoy, whilst those on other formats (PS4, PS5, PC), should open up their own digital stores. 

DLC Descripition:

Download Bonus Pack 04 and expand your gaming experience with: – 1 new track, Daytona; – 5 extra events.

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