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Ever wanted to run your own global construction and demolition company? That chance becomes a reality with Demolish & Build on Xbox One. 

Available right now to purchase and download on Xbox One, Demolish & Build is the latest construction simulator to launch on Xbox One, giving players the opportunity to embark on a new career – one that is totally focused on building, and demolishing. 

Priced at £16.74, and previously available over on Nintendo Switch, Demolish & Build from Ultimate Games – they behind the recent drop of Ultimate Fishing Simulator on Xbox One – is based on the Demolish & Build 2018 simulator that hit PC back in 2018. 

As you may guess from the title of the game, Demolish & Build will see you given the chance to use, among others, huge machines all in order to destroy massive building structures. But if you don’t think you should be let near huge destructive machinery, the developers have also included the age-old standards – a traditional hammer if that is all you can be trusted with.

You’ll also find the chance to buy land and manage specialised machines and employees, working your way across four large locations, including desert areas and snowy forests. With over a dozen items to enjoy, plus vehicles that range from bulldozers, cranes, demolition robots, backhoe loaders, road rollers, cement mixers and a wrecking ball crane, there should be much to love about this latest sim.

After a successful launch on Nintendo Switch, Demolish & Build can now be experienced by Xbox One owners. It is important to note that when developing the game, we did not want to focus solely on construction fans. Demolish & Build is a highly diversified game that allows the players to realise both their designer and destructive tendencies. The main gameplay features are well complemented by, among others, economic elements” said Rafał Jelonek, COO at Ultimate Games S.A.

Features of Demolish & Build on Xbox One include:

  • – Various construction and demolition machines
  • – 4 different world locations with freely navigable world
  • – Hire and manage workers
  • – Specialized hand tools
  • – Demolition site dust control
  • – Finish contracts or use your machines to gather resources and earn cash
  • – Invest in your own properties
  • – Demolition site preparation
  • – Manage your company and make sure it’s rating goes up

To get involved you just need to head over to the Xbox Store and grab a download right now. Our full review of Demolish & Build on Xbox One will be coming your way soon too – keep an eye out for it. 

For a greater sense of temptation, check out our Let’s Play below. 

Game Description:

Demolish & Build offers four huge locations in which we can construct or destroy buildings. We play as an owner of a construction-destruction company and our employees can use various tools such as hammers but they can also use smaller or bigger machines such as diggers, bulldozers, cranes or a remote controlled robot that can work in the most harsh conditions, inaccessible and dangerous places.

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