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We’re used to delays, and we’ve said it a million times before that we’d much prefer the development and publishing teams behind a game to hold something in order to ensure that upon release it manages to deliver the very best gaming experience possible – there is nothing worse than throwing out a half-baked product and patching it further down the line. But that doesn’t mean delays to games get any easier, especially when that game is DIRT 5, a game that is now not due until November 2020.

Previously scheduled to launch in October, Codemasters have now confirmed that DIRT 5 will launch on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on November 6th 2020, with an Xbox Series X and PS5 release occurring later in the year.

This pushback has been to allow the team at Codemasters the opportunity to ensure there is a shorter timeframe sitting between current generation release and that on Xbox Series X and PS5, letting them take full advantage of the power of the next generation consoles in the process. And yep, after that, there are still plans for a Google Stadia launch of DIRT 5 in early 2021.

“DIRT 5 has received widespread critical acclaim, culminating with it receiving the gamescom 2020 Best Racing Game Award,” said Frank Sagnier, Chief Executive Officer at Codemasters. “The revised launch date will allow us to take advantage of the next generation console launches which are expected in time for the holiday season.”

With Xbox Smart Delivery support in place allowing gaming to play the best version of DIRT 5 on Xbox no matter what console they own, and a free upgrade to the PS5 version available to the PlayStation players who first embark on the DIRT racing on PS4, there really is next to no reason why you shouldn’t be interested in this racer when it drops – no matter what console you are on.

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After our hands-off developer presentation a few months back, we’re pretty certain that DIRT 5 is gearing up to be the best DIRT experience yet, and when you throw in the inclusion of the new Playgrounds mode, and an absolutely cracking soundtrack, you’d be crazy to miss this racer.

We’ll be sure to remind you when that November 6th release date rolls into view, and we’ll also let you know once an Xbox Series X/PS5 launch date is confirmed. In the meantime, you can still pre-order the game from the Xbox Store.


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