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Assetto Corsa Competizione has expanded massively since the original launch in the summer of 2020 with multiple DLC packs allowing racers the chance to enjoy a range of challenges. Now though it’s the challenge of some of the most iconic of British circuits that comes to the fore, with the introduction of the Assetto Corsa Competizione British GT Pack. 

Available to purchase and add into your Assetto Corsa Competizione base game right now, the British GT Pack DLC is the latest in a line of downloadable content that has given the most hardcore of racers a new lease of life. 

It comes to action following on from the GT4 Pack and GT World Challenge Pack, to round out an Assetto Corsa Cometizione Season Pass that has pushed the original base game to new levels, with the British GT Pack giving access to three brand new circuits – some of the most iconic from the British racing scene in fact… Donington Pack, Oulton Pack and Snetterton. 

Running a price of £11.59 or available as part of the £19.99 Season Pass, the British GT Pack doesn’t only let you go apex chasing though and as part of the DLC you’ll also gather up 40 new liveries and 70 drivers, all ripped straight from the 2019 season. Oh, and a dedicated Championship season is included for good measure too. 

There is a slight caveat to the action though and whilst this season will be up and playable, it can also be run with the GT4, provided you have grabbed the GT4 Pack DLC previously. With that included in the Season Pass, there’s little reason to not have it.

The Assetto Corsa Competizione British GT Pack is available right now from the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. You should also find it on the usual PS4, PS5 and PC storefronts.

DLC Description:

This new DLC pack features three of the most iconic racetracks from the UK: – Donington Park Circuit – Oulton Park Circuit – Snetterton Circuit The DLC launch also adds to the game more than 40 new liveries and 70 drivers from the 2019 season, together with a dedicated Championship season. This new season may be run also with GT4 cars (also in mixed-class races), if the correspondent GT4 PACK DLC is also owned. Players who don’t own the BRITISH GT PACK DLC may still run some British GT races on the related circuits already available in the base game (Silverstone, Spa-Francorchamps, Brands Hatch); the whole season is exclusive to the BRITISH GT PACK owners.

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