Blue Isle Studios have today confirmed that they will be letting players visit the Valley later on this year. It’s looks damn beautiful too – as the screens and trailer prove!

Arriving in the Summer of 2016 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, Valley  has many secrets to uncover and a whole vast world to explore. Utilising the power of the L.E.A.F. Suit, you’ll be granted  technology that brings exceptional speed and agility along with the phenomenal ability to manipulate life and death.

Features include:

  • Move faster, jump higher: make your way through the world of Valley™ using the incredible speed and agility of the L.E.A.F. suit.
  • Manipulate life and death: the L.E.A.F. suit grants its pilots the phenomenal power to both give and take life from any living thing.
  • Experience a unique twist on death: the more you die, the more the valley will die around you.
  • Enhance yourself: upgrade your suit with new abilities and strengths.
  • Explore: the world of Valley™ is filled with forests, wildlife, ancient ruins, charming creatures, dangerous enemies and other mysteries.

“After the success of Slender: The Arrival, we wanted to do something completely unique that offered players an amazing amount of freedom, and Valley is just that,” said Alex Tintor, CEO of Blue Isle Studios. “This is an incredibly exciting project for us – something totally new and distinct, that we expect will intrigue players.”

From the makers of Slender: The Arrival, Valley promises a first-person adventure like none other. Players will pilot the L.E.A.F. exosuit, powering up their physical abilities to new heights. We’ll be sure to bring you more as and when we have it but for now, have a glance at the first gameplay reveal trailer and screens below.


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