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Have you been playing PC Building Simulator on Xbox and felt the need to get involved in some official collaboration with your favourite brands? Worry no more as right now five DLC packs for the game are doing just that, delivering the biggest of PC names to the biggest of PC Building Simulators on Xbox. 

Yeah okay, so PC Building Simulator is perhaps the only PC Building Simulator to feature on Xbox, but you get our point – it’s also the biggest. First released to console in 2019, PC Building Simulator will allow you the chance to spend time building out your very own computer repair business, diagnosing and fixing broken machines and building up the latest and greatest overclocked beasts to your customer’s satisfaction. 

No matter whether you are a PC building newbie, or a dab hand who has no issue with technical jargon, PC Building Simulator on Xbox is the game for you should you wish to be left working with graphics cards, RAM upgrades and more on the daily. 

But now, some two years after first release we find no less than five DLC packs dropping for the game. Each pretty much run similar ideas to each other, bringing in some of the biggest names in the PC business, throwing iout some cool lights and branding, and letting you immerse yourself even more into the scene. 

It’s here where we find the likes of NZXT, Republic of Gamers, our good friends at Razer, Overclockers and AORUS joining the game, with DLC packs that cost £4.79 each. But what do you get for your money? Well, expect some logo action, prepare for some fancy lighting situations, and a unique drop for each and every pack. If you’re looking to expand your PC Building Simulator business and want the best brands on board, hit up the links to the Xbox Store below…

Let us know if you’re favourites are there, and which you’ll be adding into your game. It goes without saying that you will need the base game of PC Building Simulator to hand. 

And if you wish to know more, our Let’s Play of PC Building Simulator on Xbox is below.

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