Paper Flight - Super Speed Dash Xbox

The Aery series is well known amongst Gamerscore hunters and lovers of relaxing gameplay experiences. But how exactly do you change up the gameplay to make something new whilst appealing to existing fans? Change the bird into a paper aeroplane and throw in some balloons and voila! You have a brand-new game. Paper Flight – Super Speed Dash is out today on Xbox.

Paper Flight – Super Speed Dash follows the same basic principle of the Aery games. Fly around these varied and detailed landscapes collecting items. The items in question this time are balloons. However, there are bad balloons that must also be destroyed by dashing through them. In Aery, you are only collecting feathers; at least here there is a little bit more gameplay-wise.

You will be controlling your paper plane through houses, casinos, basketball arenas, offices, laundromats, libraries and more. You can choose to aim straight for the balloons or explore these various landscapes at your leisure. These games are full of mechanics and elements to keep you invested for hours. They are shorter experiences designed to relax and unwind. And – to others – offer incredibly easy Gamerscore.

Paper Flight – Super Speed Dash is on the Xbox Store now priced at £8.39. Our review will be coming soon so stick around. For now, let us know in the comments your best paper aeroplane making tricks.

Game description

Paper Flight – Super Speed Dash is an interactive game experience that is designed to ease your mind and have fun popping innocent balloons. You jump into the role of a little paper plane that is supposed to rescue the world from little but evil balloon demons by dashing through them. Fast, relaxed, chaotic – You are free to enjoy the game any way you see fit as the only enemies of the game are balloons which generally are not well known for being too dangerous. The movement is fast but the world itself is somewhat peaceful. This enables you to lean back and enjoy the different levels and the sensation of flying. It is a great game for relaxing and to blow off some steam after an exhausting day full of hassle.

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