Ghost vikings, flaming skulls, ride-able laser sharks, customizable air guitars and much more… it’s safe to say that Air Guitar Warrior Gamepad Edition is pretty mental.

Debuting on Xbox One with the Kinect version back in March 2017, the sidescrolling rhythm shooter has now got an edition for controller use, allowing those without Kinect the opportunity to get involved.

Tapping buttons on your controller in time with the music to release shots from your weaponised air guitar is what Air Guitar Warrior Gamepad Edition is all about. But don’t think you will be travelling by any old usual method of transport. If you fancy riding dinosaurs, jet-powered crocodiles and tigers, then you are in luck, and you will have to switch between five different fire modes from your chosen guitar of eight as the situation suits.

Quick fingers are needed to survive in this crazy, chaotic mash-up of all types of rock from classic rock to heavy metal.

And after all this awesome air guitar playing, then you would think you would get some type of reward. Well, play well enough and soon you will have access to the legendary sword-guitar, and the chance to take out Heavy Metal Zeus in the Temple of Rock Gods.

Air Guitar Warrior Gamepad Edition has arrived on Xbox One with an £11.99 price tag. It is, as I said… mental. And that’s an understatement.

Game Description:

Air Guitar Warrior is part scrolling shooter, part music game and full of rock attitude – and you control the music! Includes 19 custom-made tracks from Mr. Fastfinger and Samppa Siurala. Shoot bullets, lasers and lightning from your air guitar! Ride dinosaurs, sharks and jet-powered crocodiles! Smash vikings, aliens, demons and flying skulls! Find the legendary sword-guitar and challenge Heavy Metal Zeus for the top spot in the temple of the rock gods!

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