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It’s a strange one but the farming sim has most certainly found a place in the hearts of many, probably because it allows gamers the chance to live out the life of a farmer without the early morning alarm calls. The next game to join the genre is that of Farming Simulator 22, and there are high hopes for this one in regards that it could well turn out to be the genre king. With release set for later in 2021, there’s still a little while to go before we can get hands on, but today the team at GIANTS Software have built the hype a little more, detailing a gorgeous limited Collector’s Edition alongside new maps and new feature drops. 

So, coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, PC and Google Stadia in Q4 2021, Farming Simulator 2022 will certainly allow the good times to grow when it releases. And when it does arrive you can expect to find a game that builds on the Farming Simulator titles of the past, with the 22 edition adding in new maps and a whole new gameplay feature. 

Maps and area wise and Farming Simulator 22 includes two new options alongside an updated version of the alpine Erlengrat map. These have been inspired by the US Midwest, giving large fields and vast open spaces for us to play around in. With fields of varying shapes and sizes present, you can be sure that these will immerse you as authentically as possible into the scenic US landscapes. 

Further, Farming Simulator 22 adds in production chains. This will mean you can now deliver your harvested crops to various shops and businesses for processing. For instance, a grain mill can create flour, which can be sent off to the bakery in order to provide the citizens of Farming Simulator 22 with the finest bread. It’ll obviously be up to you as the farming champion to create the factory required. 

farming sim 22 grain mill

Whilst further details surrounding all things Farming Simulator 22 will be unveiled at the upcoming FarmCon between July 21st-23rd, there is one further addition that GIANTS Software wishes everyone to know about – a limited Collector’s Edition of the game. 

Restricted to PC only (which is a massive shame), the Collector’s Edition of Farming Simulator 22 is a super stylish high-quality affair, one that comes complete with a branded beacon light for good measure. You’ll want this too, allowing you the chance to switch it on whenever you are operating heavy machinery, with it corresponding to the vehicle beacons shown in-game. 

The Collector’s Edition also includes two posters, 24 brand stickers, updated modding tutorials and – depending on your region – either a Massey Ferguson 8S, Fendt 900 Vario, Case IH Magnum 340 or Zetor Crystal on the cover of the standard edition. What’s not to like?

We’ll continue to bring you any developmental and feature updates for Farming Simulator 22 as and when they drop. 

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Hubert Levesque
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