If you’ve found yourself wanting a little more from the recently released Raiders of the Broken Planet, then the latest content drop may well be for you. Whilst we are still some way off from the arrival of the second campaign offering, Mercury Steam have today brought an all-new character to the experience, one who is sure to get her claws dug into the adventure.

If you’re one of the owners of the Raiders of the Broken Planet Founders Pack, then the graceful yet deadly combat unit, Ginebra will be available for use within the Prologue or Alien Myths campaign offerings right now.

Ginebra joins the fray after becoming infamous within the Fifth Council by hunting down Konstantin and other rogue members of their faction, rediscovering part of her long lost core in the process. Jumping into action by her side is the trusty Sturzenegger Bogen C-A800 crossbow, loaded with deadly transmission bolts, but the real power puncher is found within her Armor-Plated “Sabertooth” Model Chassis. This is what gives her the apex predator form, something which drastically increases her movement speed and even gives her the extra ability to run up walls.

Players utilising the skills of Ginebra as either a Raider or Antagonist will find her rather unique skillset allows for some cunning and devious strategies upon the battlefields of the Broken Planet. Whilst her decades long mission has been to hunt down “stray” members of the Fifth Council, Ginebra’s meeting with Konstantin unearthed and awoke a long-lost part of her human core, and now she is counted amongst the defector’s ranks, those she was previously charged to purge.

If you want to jump into battle with Ginebra you can do so now with the Founders Pack for Raiders of the Broken Planet. The Microsoft Store will let you in on that action for £39.99, whilst should you just wish to check out the basics, then the base game is free to download.

Yet to find out what the battle found in Raiders of the Broken Planet is all about? Why not read our review for our thoughts on the third-person shooter.

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