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Heading down into procedurally generated underworlds before battling it out against multiple foes is nothing new in the gaming industry, but Team17 and Aggro Crab Games are hoping that their version of the randomly generated dungeon crawler is just a little bit different. On the face of it, that is exactly what Going Under is going to be – a little bit wacky!

Coming to Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC at some point during Q3 2020, Going Under will see us given the opportunity to fight back against the bosses of cursed tech start-ups, with the randomly generated nature of this dungeon crawler providing a whole host of satirical, colourful, crazy moments.

Created by Aggro Crab Games and helped along by the brilliance of Team17, Going Under is set in the colourful, dystopian corporate world of tech giant Cubicle and their disruptive drink brand Fizzle. Yep, and we know what happened last time a drinks brand was front and centre of proceedings, don’t we Sunset Overdrive fans!? Going Under though sees players take on the role of one marketing intern – that of Jackie Fiasco – as she attempts to hack and slash her way through the monstrous employees and CEOs of cursed tech start-ups.

Key features of Going Under include:

  • The future is wack: Battle through the procedurally-generated remains of failed and cursed tech start-ups set in the dystopian city of Neo Cascadia
  • Flexible fighting: Potted plants, giant pencils, laptops, and body pillows all become weapons for Jackie as she faces the monsters created from the former employees of the start-ups
  • Unlockable abilities: Combine skills bought from the company’s café for a selection of monster-beating synergies!
  • Colourful co-workers: Complete tasks for your fellow employees to unlock them as mentors and gain access to their powerful, run-changing abilities
  • Horrible bosses: Overcome the CEOs of the dungeons based on dating sites, gig economy recruiters, and cryptocurrency to help boost your employer’s bottom line.

For now, that Q3 2020 release window is about as good as we are going to get, but in order to help us pass the time until further details and a confirmed full release date is known, it would be for the best to check out the latest trailer. Have a watch of it below and then be sure to let us know what you think of Going Under by dropping into the comments.

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