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Anyone who has picked up a controller or worked a keyboard and mouse in recent years will know all about Fortnite. A game that has taken the world by storm, powering streamers to new heights and giving regular gamers some acute hits, it’s something which has managed to stay fresh no matter how many hours have been put in. Much of that has been down to the introduction of enhancements and amendments, with a slew of DLC packs keeping things tight. And that’s where the Fortnite Robo-Ray DLC Pack comes in. 

Available to purchase and add into your base Fortnite game right now, the Robo-Ray Pack is the latest addition to Fortnite, and much like those which have come before it – the Hazard Platoon Pack, the Diamond Diva Pack and the Street Serpent immediately spring to mind – you’ll find that there are a host of inclusion added in here. 

Priced at £12.99, the Robo-Ray Pack for Fortnite will give you access to the Save the World PvE campaign, along with the Robo-Ray Hero and obviously the Robo-Ray Outfit. 

Further to that is access to a new Back Bling – the BluGlo Injector, Ray’s Smasher Pickaxe and some pretty damn cool Robo-Ray Challenges. These Challenges will allow you the chance to earn up to 1000 V-Bucks and 1000 X-Ray Tickets, with rewards paid out once you complete the Homebase Stormshield Defence 1 mission that is found in the Save the World campaign. From there you’re free to spend your winnings on the usual Fortnite stuff – Heroes, weapons, traps, Outfits and more. 

With Fortnite running as a free to download title, and the Robo-Ray Pack containing so much in terms of goodies, if you’re a fan of the game then this latest DLC is certainly something you should be considering – if only so you can get your hands on those new V-Bucks. You’ll find the Fortnite Robo-Ray Pack present on the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players. It should also be available on other formats too.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the addition of Robo-Ray into Fortnite. 

DLC Description:

Everything’s fine, she has a plan, and she’s gonna fix this!

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