fortnite hazard platoon pack

There are many ways to involve yourself in the wickedly magical world of Fortnite, but whatever you’re doing it’ll mostly involve you enjoying numerous Outfits, Back Blings and the spending of V-Bucks. That’s what the new Fortnite Hazard Platoon pack deals in too – bringing forth a host of new options and additional V-Bucks to spend. 

The Fortnite Hazard Platoon Pack is the latest DLC addition to entice Fortnite players to open their wallets and splash a little more cash, and once again it brings access to a new Outfit, a new Back Bling, a new Pickaxe and, most importantly, more V-Bucks. 

Priced at just £3.19, this is one of the cheaper Fortnite DLC packs that are available – much cheaper than the recent Golden Touch Challenge Pack for instance – but it doesn’t mean it’s not an exciting one. 

This time around we find full customisation options arriving in the form of the new Centurion Outfit, and the Centurion Edge Pickaxe that accompanies it. There’s also a new piece of Back Bling too, with the Gallant Gear inclusion one that is sure to tempt many a Fortnite player. 

But that’s not all and by spending real cash on this pack, you’ll find no less than 600 of the very best V-Bucks being added to your account, allowing you to spend it on whatever you like across Battle Royale, Creative and Save the World game modes. Seen something tasty that you just have to get your hands on? That’s where the V-Bucks come in ever handy. 

As always the base game of Fortnite should be in place prior to you purchasing this latest Hazard Platoon Pack. But with it being free to download and play – and pretty much having taken over the world in recent years – chances are you’ll have a copy of the game kicking around somewhere. You’ll find both the content and the game itself rolling on near every gaming format you could wish for. What with us being an Xbox focused site though, we’ll point you towards the Xbox Store.

Let us know what you think of this latest Fortnite pack. Does the Hazard Platoon Pack provide what you are looking for? The comments are below. 

DLC Description:

Centurion always has a plan. Follow that plan to victory with the Hazard Platoon Pack.

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