fortnite golden touch challenge pack

Ensuring you are on the front foot in battle is probably the best way to find success in Fortnite. But if you need a helping hand nailing those objectives and proving your worth in the battle arena, the latest DLC arrival is well worth checking out. It could well be said that the Fortnite Golden Touch Challenge Pack will only really favour the brave – but if that’s you then you could find your V-Bucks fortune. 

Available to purchase and download right this very minute from the digital store of your choosing is the Fortnite Golden Touch Challenge Pack. This comes priced at £9.99 and focuses the efforts on that of Marigold. It is with this purchase which you’ll be able to ensnare your foes, working your very best charm before taking them down. 

But how will you be doing that? Well, much like previous Fortnite packs that have arrived over the months – packs like the Diamond Diva and Skull Squad packs – the Golden Touch Challenge Pack brings with it outfits, Back Bling and a Pickaxe, this time int he form of a new Marigold outfit, the Golden Gambit Back Bling and the Golden Daggers Pickaxe. 

That’s not all though and as is pretty much standard for a DLC add-on like these, V-Bucks are also on the table, with the Golden Touch Challenges allowing you to gather up to 1500 of the very finest V-Bucks as you action and complete quests. Of course, those can be used in the standard way, letting you amend and customise your Fortnite experience across the Battle Royale, Creative and Save the World modes. 

If you’re a Fortnite fan and think that fortune truly does favour the brave, get over to the Xbox Store (or your own preferred digital store) and nail that download of the Fortnite Golden Touch Challenge Pack without delay. 

DLC Description:

The femme fatale that fortune favored. Ensnare your enemies with your beguiling charms and take them down with the Golden Touch Challenge Pack. Outfit and Back Bling are reactive to eliminations and become more gold with each successful takedown. Weapons Marigold picks up can turn to gold.

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