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A product of a pandemic-era world where solving puzzles in a confined space with multiple people – an escape room – was probably not the best idea in the world, Escape Academy is the virtual answer to an escape room, jazzed up with colourful sci-fi environments, and the added ability to play with online with a friend!

Releasing today on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and PC – with Game Pass subscribers having instant access to the game – Escape Academy lets you make all the decisions as to which type of games you want to be solving, all as you progress through a nicely put-together story. 

You’ll be getting to know a number of quirky characters all well-versed in the art of escape room escaping, as you navigate through the titular Escape Academy. Oh, and you can bring a real-life fellow-escaper with you, in the form of either local or online co-op.

Not only has each room – be it a server room to hack, or a old-school office to find a secret bookshelf lever in – been advised on by real-life escape room creators, but the legendary ‘doseone’ is behind the music that underpins your escape. If you aren’t familiar, then maybe you’d recognise their work on hits such as Enter the Gungeon and Gang Beasts?

Budding escapologists can tackle the fiendish rooms in Escape Academy right now on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One – find it on the Xbox Store for £14.99, or for free(!) on Game Pass. There’s also a £29.24 Deluxe Edition which adds in the Season Pass (£12.49). Go with this one and you can continue to attempt escaping well into 2023, with further expansions in the form of Escape from Anti-Escape Island and Escape from the Past rocking up in the months ahead. There will be an extra ten rooms added in those packs alone.

Escape Academy is also available on PS5, PS4 and PC.

Full review coming very soon too.

Game Description: You’ve just arrived at Escape Academy, a school where promising students train to become the ultimate Escape Room Master. Play over a dozen masterfully hand crafted rooms, designed by experienced experts in the field of REAL LIFE escape rooms. Experience the entirety of Escape Academy alone in single player OR through two player co-operative play. Available in local or online splitscreen. Explore the campus of Escape Academy and get to know the faculty, a colorful cast of characters, each an expert in the art of Escape. And some with secrets yet to be uncovered… Featuring Music and Sound Design by the one and only doseone (Gang Beasts, SLUDGE LIFE, Disc Room, Enter the Gungeon).

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