Hope County has allowed us to get involved in a whole host of crazy Far Cry 5 antics, taking down enemies, scouting areas and generally getting up to a bit of mischief. Now though everything you knew about Far Cry 5 is changing as the first content expansion – Hours of Darkness – takes us to war-torn Vietnam.

Living out the experiences of Vietnam vet Wendell Redler – one of Hope Country’s residents – you’ll need to help rescue your squad mates and evacuate to safety from behind enemy lines. With a host of unique weapons, gear and skills, a new Vietnam warzone to take in and brand spanking new game modes available on the completion of your objectives, should you need a reason to head back to Far Cry 5, then the Hours of Darkness should be something to take in.

It’s available right now for £9.59, purchasable from a digital store near you right now. Those who have previously purchased the Far Cry 5 Season Pass or Gold Edition should find that the Hours of Darkness requires no further purchase.

Lost on Mars and Dead Living Zombies will be coming to further expand the Far Cry world in the next couple of months.

If you haven’t yet played Far Cry 5, you’re missing out on something pretty special. Check out our review and then prepare to take on the wonderful world of Hope County.

DLC Description:

In the first Far Cry®5 DLC, experience the first war-based Far Cry adventure. Trapped behind enemy lines, you must survive war-torn Vietnam to take down Viet-Cong. Will you be able to rescue your squad mates and evacuate to safety? FIRST WAR-BASED DLC: Live the experiences of Hope County’s resident Vietnam veteran Wendell Redler, as you escape from behind enemy lines to get to safety. UNIQUE WEAPONS AND NEW SKILLS: Explore a Vietnam warzone, armed with new abilities, gear, and skills like your all-new “Survival Instinct”. NEW MODES UPON COMPLETION: Completing Hours of Darkness unlocks new modes, giving players a reason to return to Vietnam.

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