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These Smoots folk are a talented sporting bunch. Having bested track and field in Smoots Summer Games and topped the rankings in Smoots World Cup Tennis, they now turn their attention to golf. Can you get a hole-in-one? Find out in Smoots Golf on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC and PlayStation.

There have been plenty of golf games released on Xbox in recent times. From the wonderful party game of Golf With Your Friends to the “not even a full 18 holes” Minigolf Tour. So, with 65 holes to play and perfect, Smoots Golf is already off to a better start than some.

Those 65 holes are split into regular golf holes and mini-golf holes:

– 45 different golf holes to master. Get precise shots with touch controls and go for the Hole-In-One!

– 20 different minigolf holes to master. Get precise shots with touch controls and go for the Hole- In-One!

– In Smoots Golf you can challenge your friends in Tournaments and Exhibition mode or hone your skills in Training mode.

Smoots Golf puts a large emphasis on local multiplayer. There is no online component, if you want bragging rights amongst your friends you need to bring the fight to them. Challenge them in Tournament mode or the shorter Exhibition mode. Quick tip though: Use the Training mode before you challenge them to give yourself the edge.

Spread out across five vibrant and varied locations, Smoots Golf looks to be a good addition to the golfing party game repertoire. Stay tuned for a review coming soon.

Smoots Golf is available on the Xbox Store now priced at £8.39. If you’re quick, there is an introductory discount of £1.26 bringing it down to £7.13.

Fancy yourself a bit of a links pro? Let us know in the comments below!

Game description:

Will you be the Golf Champion? Visit golf courses in 5 unique locations for a fun and endless multiplayer golf experience! Choose your Smoot and become a Golf Champion!

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