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Need a new wacky party brawler just in time for the holiday season? You got it with Rubber Bandits. 

Available right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, through Xbox Game Pass and on PS4, PS5 and PC, Rubber Bandits from Flashbulb Games is the latest party title to try and warrant a place on that ever-rotating seasonal playlist. 

It’s priced at £16.74 unless you make the most of the Game Pass free love, and should you get a download moving will find the opportunity to be fired headlong into a wild party brawler, one in which the main aims revolve around stealing, smashing and scavenging cash. Do well and you’ll be crowned champion Rubber Bandit – fail, and you’ll be laughed out of the room. 

Physics-based combat brings all this together and with the introduction of wacky weapons and tricky traps, will find a play of Rubber Bandits running exactly how you would imagine – with chaos. But manage to hone the skills required, and take the time to smash any rival bandits out of the way and you’ll no doubt find yourself fleeing the cops and committing the perfect heist with ease. 

Both local and online cooperative play is available in Rubber Bandits, as is full optimisation for Xbox Series X|S along with cross-console play. When you consider the sheer amount of destructible levels that are on offer, along with the number of weapons to choose from and the plethora of customisation opportunities to hand, and there certainly seems to be a place in the market for Rubber Bandits – particularly at this time of year where we’re all considering party fun. 

Whether it be the Heist mode you play the most, or the Brawl mode or even Arcade mode, you’ll find a download of Rubber Bandits readily available at your favourite digital store. For us, that’s the Xbox Store. For others, it’ll be the usual PlayStation and PC stores. 

Keep an eye out for a review of Rubber Bandits from us soon. 

Game Description:

Rubber Bandits throws players into a wild party brawler to steal, smash, and scavenge as much cash as you can! Prepare for hilarious physics-based combat with wacky weapons and a huge lineup of criminal characters. Dodge deadly traps, bash rival bandits, and race from the cops to commit the perfect heist – but don’t forget to bag the loot!

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8 months ago

Chat audio doesn’t work between cross platform is it something that your working to fix