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Ah, the humble bullet hell experience. A frantic, chaotic mess of ideas that all come together to deliver something really rather wonderful. Archvale is the latest and it’s available right now on Xbox, Switch and PC. Oh, it’s on Game Pass too. 

Available to purchase and download on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC, Archvale is Humble Games’ and IDoz’s vibrant bullet-hell title, one in which players will go armed to the teeth with a variety of weapons as they work RPG angles and attempt to remove all evil from their world. 

Running an asking price of £11.99 or available as an Xbox Game Pass Day One-r, Archvale will have you working your way across a variety of regions, looting and crafting your way to the finest pieces of weaponry and equipment you could ever imagine. Those upgrades are going to be vital too, as a whole ton of enemies and foes stand between you and the truth. 

We’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Humble Games and Archvale certainly looks like one that will make that love all the more sweeter. Allowing us to play how we want, to master a ton of different variables and to explore an ever-changing world, there’s something here that we just can’t ignore. 

The key features help cement the appeal…

  • PLAY YOUR WAY – Augment the character via badges, allowing players to create a build that suits their playstyle
  • MASTERY IS KEY – Skill-based bullet hell combat will put players’ weapons of choice to the test and require precision and speed to succeed
  • BUILD ARSENAL – Players can craft over 200 weapons and armor using items gathered from the environment and from slaying enemies
  • EXPLORE THE WORLD – Encounter a host of enemies across diverse environments and classic-inspired dungeons in an ever changing map where players will find unique resources needed to complete their journey
  • DISCOVER THE TRUTH – Uncover the dark lore of the world on the quest to unearth the arch to the fabled world of Archvale

You’ll find Archvale on the Xbox Store, either via the old traditional purchasing method or through the power of Game Pass. It’s playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, as well as on Nintendo Switch and PC. 

Keep an eye out for our full review. 

Game Description:

A malicious and cruel king once ruled the land and terrorized all who faced him. He along with the fabled arch to Archvale have become the fodder for ghost stories and passed down myths. All that remains of him are the Undying; beings whom the king cursed with immortality to live out their eternity in his prisons. You and you alone can defeat the Undying and rid the world from the dark shadow the king has left. Journey across diverse regions, looting and crafting your way to better weapons and equipment. Through these upgrades you will be able to succeed against the host of enemies that await you and stand between you and the truth about the said-to-be-mythic arch to Archvale.

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