It has to be said that the variety of titles on Xbox One is ever growing. Much of this is down to a whole host of indie developers bringing their latest titles to Xbox One…the most recent of which is Clouds & Sheep 2. Want to catch some of the gameplay?

HandyGames are delivering their iOS hit game, Clouds & Sheep 2 to Xbox One on the 18th November 2016. We’ve been lucky enough to have had some hands on time with the game already and whilst the mobile focus is quite obviously in place, it works on Xbox One too.

Watch below as we check out the first 30 minutes or so of the game as we learn how to control and throw our sheep, plant flowers, cut down trees and turn fluffy white clouds into terrifying grey lightning obsessed monsters. We take a trip to the Winter Wonderland, light fires and stick crazy hats on top of our fluffy friends…all before shearing them and selling the wool to the highest bidder (or at least that’s what happens in our heads).

We’ll have a full review for you soon – and we will of course remind you when the game becomes available for purchase – but for now Let’s Play Clouds & Sheep 2 on Xbox One!


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