The latest TrackMania title is here and it’s time to get used to hitting the gas and throwing your car around a number of well crafted tracks. Fancy a first look with our Let’s Play video?

Coming direct from the Xbox One version of TrackMania Turbo, watch as we check out the first 15 levels, grabbing numerous bronze medals, a few silver and the solitary gold one as we go. Hitting the loops, nailing the drifts and basically just firing ourselves around the tracks as fast as humanly possible can all be seen…as can a number of failures. Big BIG failures.

We also check out the online multiplayer side of the game, have a peek at the challenges on offer and play around with our glorious paint jobs.

There will be a full review of TrackMania Turbo coming your way real soon but without further ado, Let’s Play TrackMania Turbo on Xbox One!

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