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For the most part Farming Simulator 19 gives players the chance to tend to a few crops, sow a few seeds and feed a few animals, all whilst working the land around them to ensure the cash rolls in. But with the latest addition to the game it’s time to head to the forest to live out the life of a lumberjack with the Rottne DLC.

Available to add into your base Farming Simulator 19 game no matter whether you are on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, PC or Mac, the new Rottne DLC opens up the game away from the standard farm as you begin to utilise two cutting edge forestry vehicles. 

Priced at a mere £3.29, these come in form the Rottne stable, providing players access to the Rottne F20D: Wood Forwarder and the Rottne HD21D: Wood Harvester – two dream machines for any would-be logger. With Rottne well established as one of the industry’s leading foresting equipment manufacturers, if you’re looking for something a little different to the normal Farming Simulator feed, then this is it. 

You’ll need the base game of Farming Simulator 19 to hand prior to enjoying the DLC from your favourite digital store (Xbox Store), but with both downloaded and in play you will find the new Rottne content available from the in-game shop – you will however need to ensure you have enough in-game currency in place to enable you to buy them. 

You will also find this Rottne DLC in the Farming Simulator 19 Season Pass. Give the trailer below a little watch if you wish to know more.

DLC Description:

Grow your Farming Simulator 19 experience, adding new forestry opportunities with the Rottne DLC pack! This DLC contains two new vehicles from Rottne, one of the industry’s leading forest equipment companies: – The Rottne F20D: Wood Forwarder – The Rottne HD21D: Wood Harvester Once you’ve downloaded the DLC, this additional content will appear and become available through the in-game shop. Make sure you have enough in-game currency to buy them! This DLC is included in the Season Pass.

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