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We’ve got FIFA, we’ve got PES, and we’ll soon have Street Power Football. But there’s still room in the market for another football-themed game and the independent developers at Team Serpico are hoping to cover a few different bases with their upcoming fantasy-themed soccer-party experience – Offside Legends.

From June 18th 2020 we’ll see Team Serpico heading down the Kickstarter route in hope that they can get funding for their ambitious project. Offside Legends is the game in question, and should all go to plan the development team are looking to deliver it to Xbox Series X, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC at some point in 2021.

A fast-paced soccer arcade title, the game has been massively inspired by the likes of Mario Strikers Charged, and will include teams based on iconic characters such as King Arthur, Sherlock Holmes, and others.

“The main reference for Offside Legends is Mario Strikers Charged”, says Dmitry Minsky, co-founder and developer at Team Serpico. “Some mechanics are being reinvented and some are being outright created from scratch – but we always keep in mind that the game should be fun, light-hearted and thrilling”.

As is fast becoming the norm, the Kickstarter campaign will look to help Team Serpico get more donations in order to finish Offside Legends off, covering the costs related to the production and development of the game.

Features of Offside Legends promise to include:

  • Fast-paced, fantasy-themed soccer-party game
  • Teams based in fantasy characters such as King Arthur, Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, Alice in Wonderland…
  • Inspired by Mario Strikers Charged
  • New gameplay mechanics

So, want to help a team see their dream become reality? Just intrigued by the premise behind Offside Legends and are happy to see it planned for Xbox Series X, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC in 2021? Get yourself over to the Kickstarter page from June 18th and consider dropping a quid or two their way.

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